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Tweaks To Speed Up Your Internet Speed

The growing need for internet day by day has given rise to many problems as well. It is not always that your internet connection will work as well as it used to be several minutes before. With the growing demand for the internet, the problem might pop up at any time.

However, there is no need to worry because there are many fixes you can do on your own. It is a fact that disconnecting from the internet for a minute looks like we have transported in the stone age. The best thing about the internet is the way it is being used for different activities like streaming, browsing, gaming, downloading, and many more. But the problem can arise at any point in time when the internet is not working properly.

The first advice would be to invest time in finding one of the best service providers in your area. If you are lucky enough, you will come to know that Spectrum is offering high-speed internet in more than 40 states across the United States.

Apart from the huge coverage area, the unlimited data allowance and awesome customer support are something worth mentioning. If you are facing any problem or have any queries, you can directly call servicio al cliente de spectrum for assistance in Spanish.

But before calling your ISP’s respective customer support, you can try to fix the problem with a few little tweaks. Here’s how to check and fix internet speed issues.

Test Your Internet Speed

Before you end up calling customer support, it is important to check your internet speed. For instance, if the advertised speed by your service provider was 100Mbps, but the downloading speed is no way near to it, there is a problem either on your end or on the backend.

You can check internet speed through various online tools and apps. For instance, some of the best internet speed testing websites include Xfinity Speed Test,,,, and You can also search for apps on your smartphone and test your speed on the go.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan

As we have mentioned earlier that internet usage is increasing with each passing day. For instance, if you and your family members are streaming Netflix on 4K resolution, or gaming heavily, you should not go for any plan less than 100Mbps. Similarly, the use of smart home devices extensively in your home could also eat up the bandwidth.

If you are not satisfied with the speed of the internet or experiencing speed lags often, the time has come to upgrade your internet plan. It all depends on what type of activities you and your family members perform and how much speed you require to keep your speed blazing fast.

Check Your Internet Data Caps

Data caps are the major culprits in ruining the high-speed internet experience. Unless you are using Spectrum internet, most of the service providers offer a limited data cap on all of their plans. If you can’t find one in your area that offers unlimited data caps, then choose the one offering the highest limits.

When your speed throttles while buffering and streaming, it is all done by your service provider because you have ended up with your data limits. In most cases, you might need to top up your data by paying extra money.

Reset Your Router

Most internet users never ever turn their router off even for a second. There is no need to but restarting your router could refresh your internet and let you experience the speed that you have opted for.

If you are facing speed issues constantly, you need to reset your router to get it back to normal. A simple hack involves restarting your router either by disconnecting the cable from the electric outlet or turning it off from the switch behind the router. If you are using a modem along with a router, make sure to restart both of them. Rest for a while at least one to two minutes before plugging back in.

Change Position of Your Router

If you have placed your router in an isolated place in your home, you need to relocate the position immediately. It is recommended by the experts to place the router in a central location where signals can reach every part of the house.

The only thing you need to be cautious about is that router should not be placed somewhere in the kitchen where the microwave can disrupt the signals. Also, you need to make sure not to relocate your router in some enclosed space like a cupboard, closet, or shelf.

Have a WiFi Extender

If you are living in a big house, you might find poor signals in some areas of your home. Even if you reposition your router in other places, you might not find a major difference. The reason is that a WiFi router can only transmit a limited amount of signals reaching a limited area.

If you are facing this problem for a while, buying a WIFI extender will be helpful in transmitting signals in every part of your house. A little investment of $50 or below will do the job and allow you to enjoy WiFi signals throughout the home.

Block Ads

Almost every webmaster or content creator advertises to earn some money. You can find endless pictures, videos, and GIFs popping out as soon as you enter the website.

You cannot do anything about it rather try to install a browser extension to block ads. By blocking these ads, you will find a major difference in the speed of your internet.

Contact Customer Support

The last resort to your slow-speed internet is to contact customer support and tell them your problem. If the problem exists even after calling several times, it is probably time to switch your internet service provider. You can even give a warning to the customer support that if they do not fix the issues, you might switch ISP.

Summing Up

The aforementioned tips are devised to help internet users whether they know how to deal with technical issues or not. Follow these tips and get your connection running back to normal.

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