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Virtual Numbers For Business Development

High-speed fiber-optic broadband is now available almost all over the world. VoIP is becoming the most advanced form of business communication. A virtual phone number uses IP telephony, such as VoIP, to carry voice and data. It is perfect for business solutions for work outside the office or a large number of offices around the world. It cuts down on trunk telephony costs and acts like a regular landline telephone. The virtual number (VN) directs the call to a special phone number, whether it is a landline or mobile one.

VoIP allows you to transfer data and voice traffic via the Internet. Your phone connects to a broadband connection instead of connecting to a standard analog telephone exchange. The voice is digitized during a call and is transmitted via a Wi-Fi connection like any other data on the Internet. The VNs are usually used in various business processes. They are rented in most cases for the long term with help of VoIP providers in various regions.

Reasons to Choose VN

  • The service brings the ability not only to record conversations to confirm the politeness of interaction with clients, but also the ability to get information about statistics (it is imperative to understand the current state of affairs).
  • The callback feature is quite popular among users, so it also can be connected.
  • An interactive voice menu (IVR) for automatic processing of incoming calls without operator intervention can be perceived as an additional option.
  • There’s a possibility to make a telephone number multichannel and connect additional lines, so the customer will always be able to call your company.
  • The client can use voice mail and leave his/her message in case of a high load on the line. Such a solution guarantees that he/she will be heard.
  • It’s possible to create customizable blacklists to filter unwanted calls.
  • The number has a country and area code, but it accepts calls globally. You will save your phone when you change offices and start a new branch. Moreover, you can quickly connect geographically remote divisions to the corporate network.
  • Incoming calls can be forwarded to a number, as well as to any type of SIP telephony. The person stays in touch even in bad weather conditions and during long trips.
  • It’s possible to quickly change capacities, increase the quantity of lines, and connect additional services. The VN connection makes it easy to amend the efficiency of working with customer calls for successful business development.
  • It helps expand the telephone infrastructure in the office without capital investments. There’s no need to buy equipment and pay for its maintenance.
  • Moreover, you are able to expand the range of services at any time to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The transition to new technologies is sometimes risky and costly for small companies. A VN can be purchased without long bureaucratic features and waiting (as contrasted with the classic landline phones).
  • It allows you to ensure stable call quality and keep your work phone number. Consistency is essential for unique branding and brings the possibilities for customer service development.
  • A local call becomes as simple as sending an email or browsing the web (VoIP makes over your voice data into digital signals). This is especially convenient for businesses that rely on domestic or long-distance calls, as they can significantly reduce costs. The VoIP systems are able to save small businesses up to 30% over traditional landline telephones.
  • The VoIP calls can be made and received via a PC, so the headset is a tool of the trade and allows answering calls with one click.
  • Cloud technologies make it simple to update the security and software automatically. It also minimizes downtime for your business, saving you money and time.
  • Other means of communication can be integrated with VoIP systems. Popular ones include integrating your CRM contacts, etc. Used tools are rapidly changing the business world by lowering costs and security and flexibility increasing.

In what Business Areas is the VN most-coveted?

Internet commerce

The online store owner can take orders and contact customers without interrupting his/her daily routine. The multichannel number allows you not to miss a single call.

Consulting and support services

Toll-free virtual numbers (800) allow getting a twenty-four-hour hotline.

Household and medical services

Medical institutions, beauty salons, or repair shops do not need to lay telephone lines or purchase any equipment.

How to Get the VN?

The US virtual phone number is regarded as one of the most sought after among the IP-telephony provider Freezvon clients. Such a solution makes it easy to get the desired area code. Many VoIP providers present detailed data about the financial peculiarities of the cooperation, so it’s easy to inquire about the monthly, setup fees and rates. The purchase of United States VN has its special aspects, and it’s weightily to get details on the process of connection.

If you want to start cooperating with a chosen VoIP provider, you have to sign up for the virtual page, top-up a balance, and make the right choices (country, city, and type of number). It’s recommended to set up a forwarding and come up with the subscription period. You may perform such a procedure via contact phone numbers, but the online process is much easier and more comfortable. Pay attention, that the VN activation may take 10 minutes or 24 hours. The duration is contingent on the location, documents verification, and other aspects.

Whether you want to implement VN or add the feature to an existing hosted PBX solution, virtual numbers can be useful for different businesses and for contact centers looking to improve their customer experience. Described service is the way of the future, which will only become more in demand over time. It is recommended to contact only specialized companies to get a VN, since such organizations are well aware of the process specifics and will allow you to do all the procedures without unnecessary hassles. Choose worthy companions and enjoy all the benefits of owning such an important business service.

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