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What Social Strategy For Nonprofit Organizations?

How do nonprofit organizations behave in social media? Are there any specific strategies for them too? This article will try to shed some light on these aspects. Digitization is a process that involves many realities and which, in the last two years, presumably due to the health emergency due to Covid-19, has experienced significant growth and a little everywhere in the world. Thus, it is essential for those wishing to develop their business to implement their digital communication and marketing strategy.

And if this is true for businesses, it is also true for nonprofit associations, so much so that recent research has shown that 90% of them are present online with a website. But in social media, on the other hand, how are these entities behaving? Are there any specific strategies for them too? This article will try to shed some light on these aspects.

How Is A Social Strategy Developed For A Nonprofit Association?

A social media strategy is fundamental for every activity and type of business, so even in the case of nonprofit associations or onlus, these channels can be a means of communication that gives visibility and, with the proper techniques, also the development of one’s “business. “.

A strategy, in this sense, starts from a definition of objectives, which for nonprofits can be, for example, the increase in donations. Once the objective has been identified, choosing which channels we want to use today is essential.

There are many social networks, and it is necessary to choose the right one based on the target audience. In the case of nonprofit organizations, and associations in general, it is undoubtedly worth starting with the most significant number of users, such as Facebook and Instagram. In the case of medium-large NGOs, it is also essential to be present both on Twitter, especially useful for arguing with the public about specific events, and on LinkedIn. The latter is, in fact, an increasingly growing and continuously improving social media, where even an association has the opportunity to communicate with a more professional tone and talk about its goals.

Once you have chosen the channels to be present, it is essential to draw up an editorial plan.

An editorial plan is vital for defining what, how, and when you want to publish and what to communicate based on the set goal. It is also important to alternate the columns and topics of the editorial plan so that it is not monothematic and consequently boring for the public. An editorial program thus helps define both the creativity and, therefore, the photos or graphics that you want to publish and choose the right content to create more significant interactions and involvement with the public.

The choice of contents is undoubtedly the heart of the entire communication process. For nonprofit associations, a warm and humane tone of voice becomes fundamental to sensitize the public to a particular topic, increasing interest and, over time, also conversions, which in the case-specific to nonprofit organizations are donations. When we talk about content today, it is essential to include in the editorial plan at least one video that tells the mission and how the organization was born.

Capturing the attention of users on social media becomes more and more complex, so it is essential to work with creativity and be able to tell the objectives it wants to achieve (and even achieve), showing what the aims of the institution are and how it intends to “invest” the donations and thus entering into a better relationship with the public. Users want true stories,

How To Grow A Profile Of A Nonprofit Association?

Having defined the strategy, chosen the objective, and drawn up an editorial plan with the contents, it is also essential to invest a budget (even if small) to sponsor your page or the most exciting content. The sponsored, even if we do not have a large daily budget, helps the visualizations of the brand.

Furthermore, thanks to Facebook, it is possible to speak to a more defined and targeted target audience, which is essential not to waste budget and identify the ideal user. Thanks to the sponsorships of Facebook and Instagram, users with similar interests can be traced to a specific goal, which is essential to make themselves known so that people also contact us and not necessarily vice versa.

The Importance Of Creating A Community

The sense of belonging is a nature that we all develop, and it is undoubtedly one of the positive sides that social networks have. The community is a way of interacting with other people who have the same interest as you. In the case of nonprofit associations, arguing with people interested in a specific topic will help both the involvement of users who follow the page and the interactions of social media posts. Once the strategy is in place, it is essential to analyze the results.

Goals must always be measurable so that you can define what content users like to refine communication on social media more and more. Today there are free tools, even within the social networks themselves, which show you the progress and progress of social posts. It updates itself automatically every day to check the results of the chosen strategy and see how the target audience behaves. The strength of social media can be an excellent tool for nonprofits, both for bringing donors closer and improving their reputation. Today many incentives can be used for digital development, even for associations.

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