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Why Are Videos Essential For Your Business Communication?

Advantages and tools for making compelling videos for online communication support your business.

Does it make sense to use corporate video for corporate online communication?

Many entrepreneurs like you wonder if focusing on videos to communicate the brand is the best way to promote their business.

The material and time resources can be considerable, so is it worth it?

We live in a reality that often has a lot of virtual, from web interaction to online sharing, many aspects of our life, including professional ones, pass through the media.

Today people are mainly informed through the web, and videos have become the preferred tool for many to learn and know.

And if people are watching videos, not embracing this system for your business can mean being left out.

So yes, the answer to our original question is absolute yes.

Let’s see all the advantages and details you need to know to plan videos for effective online communication.

Why Produce Videos For Your Corporate Communication?

A video is a tool that allows direct contact with people and attracts and maintains attention much more than a written text.

Furthermore, through a video, you have the space to deepen the company concept, make yourself known, and put yourself on the same level as the customer.

The corporate video is a unique opportunity modern technologies offer to communicate with the customer innovatively.

What Benefits Can You Get With Videos?

Corporate video has many advantages; let’s see the main ones together.

  • Present: The corporate video allows for a more targeted company presentation. In the same format, we can make images, explanations, and interviews coincide. Everything concerning the company can be shown, enhancing it both from a production and a personnel point of view.
  • Learn more: The video allows for greater insight and more detailed explanations. It’s a way to get the customer to come directly to you, introducing them to a world they otherwise couldn’t reach. Thanks to the company video, you can also show all the logistical aspects that develop in the company’s background. These are elements that create trust in the customer.
  • Promote: Video is one of the most effective ways to promote your company.
  • Creating empathy: The video features a first-person exposure. Whenever you put your face on a project, it immediately conveys an empathic line to the client. In addition, the customer likes to know who is behind the creation of a company and to put a human face on the product.
  • They are viral: Videos have enormous viral potential by their nature. If well managed, the video certainly has a lot of chances to be shared by the public.
  • Diffusion: For videos, today, there are many channels of distribution. Once, it was shown only on television and only at certain times, significantly limiting the selection of the public. Today, a corporate video can be streamed anywhere, watched at any time of day and by any person, on any device.
  • Target: Being able to spread to almost all web platforms, it can also reach an unexpected target of people, who may not be possible customers today, but could be tomorrow.

We can say that the corporate video has only positive consequences for the company, always as long as it is well done.

For this reason, before launching into production, study the subject well, inform yourself and do some tests, or rely on professionals to be sure of the result.

What Are The Tools To Make A Good Video?

A corporate video doesn’t have to be like a YouTuber’s video.

Adapting to the modern market does not mean lowering the level of professionalism.

If you do not master this support very well, it is better to prepare yourself or rely on professionals to avoid making a wrong impression.

Even lousy editing is enough to ridicule the company altogether.

Therefore, to make a professional video, we recommend that you contact a production company or professionals in this sector.

The main tools you need are:

  • Camera with different optics, choose a quality camera and other optics, from wide-angle to 50 mm
  • Microphones are indispensable, and the right ones must be chosen to eliminate environmental disturbance as much as possible
  • Lights
  • Support material, if you want to avoid wobbles and movements from amateur reportage, you should get a tripod
  • Music, make a targeted and consistent choice with the contents of the video, and remember that it is necessary to pay royalties
  • Drone for many companies, a drone can make a difference
  • Post-production tools are a delicate and critical phase in the final construction of the video. What you need are specific editing programs

In addition, during all filming, you will have to pay attention to many other details:

  • The filming locations must be in order and free of unnecessary and disturbing elements;
  • You will have to write a short scenario, to know already where and how to shoot the scenes;
  • The protagonists of the video must have a text or a lineup to follow.

Creating a corporate video takes time and attention to detail.

Its content cannot be left to chance; you need to be clear about who you are talking to and what you want to communicate.

Not having a specific idea of ​​what the finished video will look like will likely lead your audience in a direction away from your business goals.

Three Types Of Compelling Videos For Your C

You can make videos of different types. But not all of them are for you and your company.

Let’s see together 3 types that, on the contrary, cannot be missing from your content.

Promotional Video

  • This is a video that focuses on the advertising effect.
  • It will be a short, dynamic video with seductive images.
  • Typically a video of this type is characterized by intense images, with solid colors present on the screen for a few seconds.
  • It will be supported by a voiceover who will talk about the product and the company.
  • The ultimate goal is to focus on the general scenic effect.

Video Presentation

  • In this case, we focus more on the company’s history and the product.
  • You will be the one to tell what you do and explain your proposal.
  • One idea may be to make an interview-style movie, perhaps even including some team members.

In-Depth Video

With these videos, you can focus only on certain aspects of your work or your services and go into detail to deepen it to the fullest.

To offer a complete view of the company and engage your audience, you can take advantage of all the types, perhaps alternate them with periodic content or choose from time to time according to your business objectives.

Before leaving you to shoot your next video, we want to give you a few more small recommendations:

  • Focus on spontaneity, use storytelling to tell your story and your work;
  • Uses subtitles to allow users to see the video without activating the audio;
  • Remember that a corporate video, in some ways, is still a promotional video. Therefore, you can always refer to your products and services, even working on a presentation video.
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