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An Ideal SEA Tool For Marketing

Google Ads and Bing Ads are online advertising services that are difficult to master: between building optimal ads, carrying out effective campaigns, and managing costs well. Channable created the SEA solution to automate and generate thousands of text ads and Shopping Campaigns.

Any marketer who works in paid search uses Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) and sometimes even Bing Ads to create SEA campaigns. A challenge that often arises is the creation of quality text ads or campaigns for extensive catalogs in e-commerce, travel, or services. That’s why Channable has created a premium solution for managing, optimizing, and automating large-scale paid SEO campaigns.

Definition Of SEA

When we want to gain notoriety for a site, it is advisable to look at its reference. The more it will be visible to Internet users on search engines, the more the site will sell products or retain Internet users. And to improve the referencing of a place, it is necessary to look at two strategies: natural referencing (Search Engine Optimization) and paid to reference (Search Engine Advertising). As opposed to SEO, SEA is a targeted but paid service.

Before optimizing your website in terms of SEA, it is necessary to establish a clear and precise strategy. It is essential to identify the most important keywords and the most relevant to the site. After that, and with the help of this first report, the announcements should be drafted.

Who And What Exactly Is The SEA Tool Used For?

The Channable tool is a facilitator for the creation of your SEA campaigns. It is intended for e-commerce professionals, digital marketing agencies (also those certified Google partners), or marketers, in general, to allow them to automate their paid referencing activities.

With the SEA tool, you can quickly generate thousands of dynamic text ads for Google Ads and Bing Ads or even create the structure of Shopping Campaigns for Google. To do this, all you need to do is use the data from your product feed or that of your customer to create personalized dynamic text ads, all thanks to a template where you can add ad customizers.

The Advantages Of The SEA Channable Tool

  • Channable’s SEA tool lets you quickly create thousands of dynamic ads from your data feed. A substantial time-saving in setting up your campaigns.
  • The ad generator is updated automatically with changes in the feed. Set up rules to automate pausing and activating ads on a stock basis – to avoid unnecessary CPC costs.
  • The SEA tool has a system of rules and dynamic variables that allow the flow data to be used optimally to obtain maximum performance for your SEA campaigns. With these rules, easily optimize your ad data and keywords and select precisely the products you want to advertise. In short: You have control over the content of the ad.
  • As a top Google partner, Channable has unlimited API access to Google Ads. This allows you to send updates at any time and directly receive any comments from Google Ads to optimize the performance of your ads and campaigns. Each new Google innovation is also implemented in the Channable tool.
  • Create backup ad templates to ensure that your ads are not rejected if, for example, one of the ad components is invalid or too long.
  • You can copy your settings and optimizations set up in the SEA Channable tool from a Google Ads campaign to Bing Ads and vice versa.

The General Advantages Of Channable

  • Get a standard update once a day. You can even choose to refresh ads up to once per hour if needed in your business.
  • The packages are monthly, without obligation, and are presented transparently on our site.
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