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Best Ways To Get The Cheapest Credit Card Processing For Your Small Business

Every time customers make payments with credit cards, merchants must pay a transaction fee. It can be worthwhile for small business owners to spend some time comparing payment processing systems. Operations seeking automotive point of sale software or an adaptable platform for any enterprise often find the Clover Flex price of equipment and payment processing fees to be affordable. Here are three tips to maximize profits by taking the most cost-effective approach to processing payments.

Compare Upfront and Ongoing POS System Prices

Several costs may be involved in signing up for a POS system. Upfront expenses for a Clover POS system may include a fee or sale price for hardware and setup. An ongoing subscription to Register or Register Lite software offered exclusively by Clover Networks is an ongoing operational expense.

Depending on the merchant account solutions provider with which a business partners, it may be possible to reduce costs associated with POS hardware and software. The system you select should provide the needed level of operational management functionality, as every Clover system can process an array of payment types, from credit and debit cards with EMV chips or magstripes to near-field communication technology.

Seek Out Special Promotional Sign-Up Discounts

One of the best features of Clover POS systems are the flat rates the network charges to process card transactions. In some cases, a merchant account provider may be able to offer signing bonuses or other incentives to make certain systems more affordable for small businesses.

In some cases, the discounts available for POS systems and payment processing depend on the volume of transactions as well as the tier of system software to which a business subscribes. The ability to rely on a consistent level of payment processing functionality emphasizes operational needs.

Clover POS systems are the only platforms compatible with Clover Networks software. These devices can also run supported third-party applications available in the Clover App Store. Stakeholders should invest in hardware and software that can provide the highest return on investment.

Only Pay for the Features Your Business Needs

Businesses that have relatively simple inventory and operational requirements may be able to get all of the functionality they need from Clover Register Lite software. This is particular the case for operations that exclusively rely on portable hardware such as the Flex, Mini, Mobile or Go.

Clover Networks systems range from handheld units to tablet-based models or a peripheral card and NFC reader that can attach to a smartphone or tablet. Operations with more extensive inventories or complex operational workflows may benefit from using the countertop Clover Station with a subscription to the full-featured Register software.

The precise percentages and fees associated with processing a payment vary based on whether a transaction is card present or card not present, as well as the POS platform and financial network. A business may be able to drive up sales by adding the ability to process a variety of payment methods including NFC payments. Clover hardware, software and compatible payment processing networks deliver value, even without additional discounts over this platform’s competitive rates.

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