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Boosting Productivity And Security: Lockdown Devices For Business Purposes

Are you tired of asking your employees to avoid unnecessary mobile usage, but they do not? You are not alone; it is observed in the whole US that employees waste around 2.9 hours daily from eight hours of work. But now, you can utilize digital technology tools to restrict device usage for better security and enhanced productivity. Web browsing and scrolling on social media is a very common practice that results in exposure to malicious pages, facilitating hackers to enter the company’s network and breach all confidential data. Companies need to incorporate mobile device management solutions to prevent malicious attacks and unnecessary device usage by employees. Let’s see how we can control mobile usage in our offices.

How to Lockdown Device for Business Purposes with AirDroid Business?

AirDroid Business is an affordable MDM solution that provides interactive features to enterprises to restrict device usage by limiting access to apps and device settings. It helps businesses to allow only authorized users to access devices and perform business operations. AirDroid Business is a highly scalable tool due to its unlimited device enrollment with centralized management. Admins can enroll a large fleet of Android devices and then remotely monitor each device’s activities from the admin console to ensure productivity and high security. Here are some incredible features of AirDroid Business that enable you to comply with various industry standards.

Kiosk Mode

AirDroid Business provides a kiosk mode to restrict app usage and other functions on enrolled devices. It offers single-app and multi-app kiosk modes to utilize them in different situations.

Single App Mode

Single app kiosk mode allows admins to add only one app to the list, enabling it to run on all enrolled devices. The selected app is fixed on the devices and cannot be minimized. End-users cannot perform any operation or transaction other than the app selected in kiosk mode. Restaurant teams particularly use it to place orders on kiosk devices. ATMs are also a good example of single-app kiosk mode.

Multi-App Mode

Multi-app kiosk mode allows more than one selected app to run on targeted devices, preventing customers/employees from accessing other apps or settings.

Kiosk Lockdown browser

The kiosk mode of AirDroid Business also allows to use kiosk browser. It ensures the safest browsing by restricting web usage. Enterprises can block access to unnecessary and harmful websites so employees can keep productive by using only required websites to access information.

Websites whitelist

Website allowlist feature helps businesses add a whitelist of websites that are useful for routine work. Only the added websites can be accessed on the enrolled devices.

Custom brand layout

AirDroid Business enables enterprises to customize the layout of the display on the screens with their company’s theme, icon, and logo. It provides them with more visibility and engagement by customers. Businesses can change the layout anytime and also use it to share important information with users.

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Lockdown devices for different industries and needs


Schools have introduced various E-learning platforms to provide an innovative way for efficient learning. Students are provided with smart devices in schools to research, make assignments, take online lectures, and submit tasks. Misuse of devices in schools is very common but dangerous for the institute’s reputation. So, school management ensures that students can access only educational websites and apps and prevent all other websites.


Retailers mostly incorporate self-service kiosks for smooth ordering and transactions. Employees are provided with smart devices for inventory management, pricing, and customer support. They waste their time on useless things and do not assist customers properly. Retailers use MDM solutions to check device usage remotely and also restrict the devices to the store’s application only.


Logistic companies need a strong management system to ensure drivers are focused on the road while driving. Admins enroll the driver’s devices into the MDM and block notifications from social media apps so they do not get distracted while on the road.


Restaurant owners use smart devices to manage massive orders smoothly and efficiently. Self-service ordering kiosks help them securely take orders from customers. They can also restrict device usage of on-site and delivery staff for efficient working. Unwanted apps on employee’s devices keep them distracted from work.


In healthcare centers, devices are set into kiosk mode to ensure they are only used for official use. It helps to keep the battery safe for emergencies. Medical staff is provided devices with limited usage, like medical apps and data storage, to keep patients’ information safe.

Benefits of Lockdown Devices for Business Purposes

Let’s discuss the benefits of locking down the enterprise devices:

Enhanced Data Security

Locking down the device using an MDM solution ensures high data security. Data is encrypted with various protocols like TLS encryption. High password authentication ensures that only authorized users can access the devices. You can also block external device connectivity to restrict data sharing. Remote monitoring of device usage also ensures data safety.

Increased Productivity

You can lock down the devices with app restrictions, policy settings, and website filtering to keep employees engaged with their work. Admins can block all unnecessary websites, apps, and built-in functions to avoid distractions.

Prevents Unauthorized Usage

A strong password input policy helps businesses to incorporate high-level security. Two-factor authentication allows only authorized persons to unlock the devices and use them. Remote monitoring and control also help enterprises to lockdown devices remotely if any malicious activity is encountered. Preventing malicious pages, websites, and apps also helps to avoid unauthorized usage by hackers.

Improved Compliance

Customization of security policies for enterprise devices helps enterprises to meet their industry standards and regulations. By managing security settings and access restrictions, companies can ensure they comply with industry standards and prevent fines.

Remote Management and Monitoring

Remote monitoring helps to monitor device activities. Admins can access device cameras using MDM to see what is going around. They can check the app usage of each device and control the devices to prevent unnecessary data usage. Remote controlling these devices also enables admins to restrict harmful apps and websites.

Mitigates the Risk of Lost or Stolen Devices

Real-time location tracking helps to avoid device loss. Admins can remotely lock down the devices if found unattended to avoid unauthorized access. Remote wipe and factory reset feature allows admins to delete all the device data to avoid data breaches.


Smart devices have a vital role in business management, but they need to be optimized perfectly for better security and productivity. Otherwise, they can lead to delays and financial loss. Every business involving smart devices needs to have an efficient management system to control unnecessary device usage because it affects the productivity of work and increases the risk of data breaches. Want to explore more advanced features to safer your device management? Start your 14-day free trial from now.

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