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Customer Relationship Management: The Elements That Make The Difference

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the set of business processes and activities to manage relationships with the customer portfolio to acquire, maintain and increase their value. An omnichannel experience and effective and personalized assistance are the keys to a winning CRM strategy, allowing you to intrigue and inform potential customers, improve their satisfaction, retain them, and increase business productivity.

Omnichannel And CRM To Improve The Relationship With The Customer

Multichannel customer relationship management is essential to ensure customer satisfaction (both in the sales and service phases) and to avoid churn. Today, companies adopt CRM solutions, customizing them according to their business’s peculiarities, aiming to centralize, optimize and rationalize communications. It is not always easy to build the correct foundation: here are some of the most useful and effective features.

The primary objective is the correct management (collection and structuring) of data from multiple sources, such as the company website, social networking platforms, registration of assistance tickets, evaluations, and customer feedback. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to have a dashboard that gives a complete view of what is happening on the various channels (telephone, email, social, …) and how each element impacts the business. The whole picture must have useful KPIs to quickly understand the next-best action and provide stable features to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, the data must be accompanied by predictive analysis, anticipating problems, and guiding decision-makers. Added to this is the integration of tools that allow lead management: every “conquered” customer must be accompanied on a solid path of loyalty.

AI Protagonist Of CRM Strategies

Artificial Intelligence is a dominant part of strategies aimed at improving customer relationships. Automated systems allow companies to manage requests from different channels in a structured way, collect them in a single place, optimize the flow of communications and proceed quickly with problem-solving. Apps and integrations allow you to customize and expand functionality to meet the specific needs of each company, thanks to innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Constant monitoring of the relationship with the customer must also take into account the sentiment that customers have towards the company and its products: a textual analysis is not always sufficient to complete the context of the numbers,

Speech Analytics And CRM Integration

CRM systems must therefore be accompanied by advanced speech-analytics software that allows you to collect, classify and process the myriad of information generated during a telephone conversation, providing useful parameters to understand discussion topics and user emotions. Voice analysis allows you to record calls and give the companies statistical reports to optimize their strategy to obtain the best possible results on different platforms. Integrating a CRM system applied to the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithms into your business strategy allows the brand to acquire a decisive competitive advantage over the competition.

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