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Embrace Industry 4.0 With Ease

Imperia, like many other successful companies, has decided to optimize its business by ensuring the highest level of protection for its data and maximizing the operational effectiveness of business processes. We know the complete story in this article, discovering how it was possible to reach this critical milestone.

Imperia, Excellence In The Cold-Forming Sector

Let’s start from the beginning and introduce the company that created the collaboration, Imperia.

What do you do? Imperia is an Italian company that has been successfully operating in the cold stamping and sheet metal assembly sector for over forty years, extending its business abroad. It is a spearhead of its field and boasts a unique specialization in the production of bodywork and light carpentry. It has a work area of ​​30 thousand square meters. It has always stood out for its essential investments, the adoption of technologically advanced machinery and systems, continuous innovation, and the care of the staff based on solid specialization and constant training.

It also has the remarkable ability to adapt flexibly to the needs of its customers, confirming itself as a reliable reference supplier for many companies. Imperia is, therefore, a company of significant impact that owes its strength to a family business with a long tradition, combined with the skills of a team of valid collaborators dedicated to working with enthusiasm and passion.

Imperia Chooses The Opportunities Of Industry 4.0

To grow further, however, Impea has understood that it is not enough to rely on the strengths gained so far. It is necessary to embrace the new opportunities that industry 4.0 offers. Specifically, Impea has decided to adopt a new strategy and differentiate the reference sector thanks to the technological transition and the use of interconnected and integrated machinery in its IT ecosystem. The digitization of processes is essential to guarantee data security, obtain a reasonable RTO and diversify actions by pursuing interoperability and modularity. The short-term goals, therefore, are:

  • Optimize business processes
  • Ensure data security
  • Improve the Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

The Technological Transition Kicks Off

How, then, to start an effective and successful technological transition? For Impea, the ideal solution was to rely on a partner like Syneto, which has been accompanying companies toward conscious and effective digitization for over ten years. The priority was safeguarding data and recognizing the enormous importance and criticality they have assumed in today’s world. For this reason, Syneto has integrated data processing and management with the network in a single tool.

Furthermore, Syneto has maximized the operational effectiveness of the processes, offering Impea’s technicians the opportunity to devote themselves to other company activities with more attention and serenity. Here, then, are the objectives that Impea has managed to achieve thanks to the fruitful partnership:

  • Acceleration of business processes by working them through a single platform.
  • Constant data protection, thanks to continuous backups and integrated disaster recovery.
  • 15-minute recovery time in case of standstill.

Alongside Companies Toward Innovation

Imperia to equip itself with cutting-edge technologies and become even more competitive.

IT Supplier of Impea Srl and CEO and co-founder of IT Impresa: In Syneto, we have found a company with which we can grow together. In this specific case, Impea needed a better RTO, integrated data protection and disaster recovery needs that, with Syneto, we were able to satisfy fully. The ease of use of technology, then, is a distinctive feature that affects the choice of the end customer. All this was possible thanks to the long experience that Syneto has gained in the sector, making it a point of reference for many companies. It can create technologies that simplify, speed up, and protect IT operations, using cutting-edge technologies that offer a complete and easy-to-manage solution.

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