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AI Applications: How An Initiative Wants To Bundle And Use The Potential Of AI

The AI initiative aims to harness the potential of artificial intelligence. The aim is to promote.

To this end, the initiative wants to network companies, startups, science and politics with one another and launch joint AI projects to promote AI applications.

AI Applications: Exchange Platform

We want to build an open ecosystem of equal partners and experts. Specifically, we want to bring AI into broad applications and make it usable for people. The task – incidentally non-profit – is too critical for network stakeholders for the topic.

We want to bundle existing competencies, convert them into successful business models and thus create modern AI applications. the potential to play a decisive role here – but only if we succeed in using synergies as a future-oriented industrial nation and establishing partnerships. To this end, we are building an AI forge for new applications, taking values ​​such as full transparency, integrity, and consideration of human and data protection rights into European account. In this way, intelligent AI products can be created for organizations worldwide and strengthen digital sovereignty.

Let me put it this way: The use of AI is still relatively rudimentary at the moment, especially when it comes to building business models. In industry, medium-sized companies and the public sector, we are still too much of a wait-and-see attitude. However, more than ever, companies are forced to drive the digital transformation of their business models. And this primarily requires tried and tested AI models and a lot of data.

However, we don’t want to give birth to a new Facebook. Instead, the solutions emerging are more geared towards B2B and are specifically intended to support our medium-sized industry. The AI Park is intended to create a place to find all relevant actors in one place and to be able to meet the challenges of AI for the applications – a place where new ideas can be pitched again and again.

Win-Win For Everyone Involved

It was one of the key players in founding the AI Initiative. Among other things, the NTT has already won the Berlin property. This will create one of the largest data centres in Berlin there. With the physical quarter as a suitable real estate platform for an AI ecosystem, we see ourselves together in the trend of ‘New Work’ and the ‘New Manufacturing Economy’ – including modern co-working and maker spaces.

The startups benefit by being able to use their AI technology based on specific use cases from practice. At the same time, the participating companies invest in their future viability by implementing particular AI applications. Our innovation platform has already gone live, and the first challenges can already be found there, which should combine supply and demand for AI applications.

Of course, we make the platform available to all companies looking for practical AI solutions – this is the only way that networking can occur. If you want to use AI today, you can only do it through an ecosystem. One actor alone cannot do this. It’s not about experimenting but about harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence under market conditions in the long term. We are addressing these challenges in a targeted manner through a network of venture capitalists and funding.

The intelligent software solution developed by three former students of the TU Munich maps business processes and makes suggestions for process optimization in real-time. It combines process mining, artificial intelligence, and automation to optimize their capacities across all functions and departments.

In addition to this expertise, the company brings its Academic Alliance program. This program promotes a steadily growing educational network of universities and research institutions to familiarize the talents of tomorrow with valuable and beneficial technological knowledge. This network will also be available to AI in the future. This allows research to be brought closer to practice and operationalizes the handling and use of AI more quickly – precisely what we have in mind.

AI Applications: The Network Is Growing

It already has five million users and connects AI startups with established companies and the public sector. 12,000 AI experts are also already registered there. Large companies are already making extensive use of this.

Via a digital platform, we provide the members with access to more than 700 selected AI startups with further information on the use cases, the product, the corporate financing and the founders. With this overview, some companies have already managed to find ready-made solutions for their specific problem and relevant information.

We will be adding more members and partners in the coming months, including some well-known big names. Venture capital companies, companies from industry, medium-sized companies and the public sector, and AI experts from application research and startups are cordially.

The use of AI applications will continue to change the way we work and that of our customers. The aim is to shape this change together with partners and to ensure that it is guided by values ​​and takes place for the benefit of people and the environment. Nobody can do things like cloud, AI and quantum computing alone anymore. We also have to open up. And we have recognized that it is critical to success to bundle specific strengths in one place and develop them further together with partners outside of one’s own company. AI can make people’s lives better, but designing it is a collective effort.

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