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How To Create Your Newsletter Using Social Media?

Find out how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for your business newsletters.

“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.”

A great lesson, taught by Lavoisier, which we experience every day, in every sector.

Daily Bulletin, weekly editorial, appendix story… are editorial formats linked to the time of the paper that, probably, in many of us, evoke nostalgic feelings.

Are they lost? Or have they just transformed?

Yes, these contents have not been lost, but they have survived time changes, changing their shape.

Finding out which clothes they are wearing today to adapt to new technologies and needs will surprise you.

Why Are Newsletters Essential For Effective Marketing?

Are you also waiting for the news of the day, the market, or, why not, on the initiatives of your competitors?

You may never have thought about it, but we’re sure you do it every day. While before, the waiting was consumed in front of newsstands or the mailbox, today everything happens on email and through emails.

The most popular editorial formats have survived precisely through newsletters: the emails sent to a list of subscribers to keep them updated.

For some years now, newsletters have become one of the most fundamental contents of digital marketing: they are used to maintain direct contact with one’s community, stimulate it, inform it and pamper it.

A Mail up Academy study conducted in 2020 shows that in Italy:

  • 70% of companies use newsletters
  • the sending rate increased by 20%
  • the one-time open rate increased by 11%.

What does this data mean? In short, more and more companies in Italy rely on newsletters for their communication, and more and more customers are willing to read them.

If you don’t have your company newsletter yet or want to simplify its management, we have revolutionary news for you. Now you can also send your newsletters via social networks!

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter: let’s study these three platforms together to create and simplify the management of your newsletters.

How To Use LinkedIn For Business Newsletters?

LinkedIn is the social network dedicated to the world of work, and for some time, it has been allowing its subscribers to create their newsletter.

Given the sizeable sectoral nature of the platform, writing your company newsletters on this social network can bring you many advantages.

Why Write A Newsletter On LinkedIn?

The sectorial nature of this social network allows you to consolidate your niche and retain it with valuable content.

You can use the Linkedin newsletter to achieve several objectives:

  • Engage your audience
  • Grow your community
  • Develop the brand identity
  • Have real-time feedback.

How To Create a Newsletter On LinkedIn?

All very simple, it takes a few moments and 4 essential steps:

  • At the top of the home page, select the item “write an article”
  • Click on “create a newsletter.”
  • Add a title to your newsletter, a description of the contents, a publication cadence, and a logo
  • Click “Finish.”

Both your followers and your contacts will be invited to subscribe to the newsletter through a notification.

Once the newsletter has been created, you can write one article per day. After publishing it, your contacts will receive notifications on the app and email.

Under the published articles, you can continue motivating your community and inspiring them to read by mentioning your contacts in the comments and asking specific questions.

Do not forget the specific hashtags that allow your newsletter to have greater visibility and to make your content, your products, and your company known to an increasing number of people.

But be careful! It is not possible to access the newsletter independently, so you will have to invite your contacts to subscribe.

How To Write A Successful Newsletter On LinkedIn?

There are no technical characteristics to be respected for writing the newsletter on social networks.

However, LinkedIn provides some tips to keep in mind to optimize the newsletter :

  • Choose a topic that you are well versed in and that your community may be interested in. Try to write texts that catch the attention of your audience,
  • And Choose a title that clearly describes the content of your newsletter. The title of your newsletter must be short and intuitive to remain etched in the minds of your contacts,
  • For the logo, use an image with dimensions 300×300 pixels,
  • A non-generic cover image must accompany each article. Remember that usually, the photos that get more results are those with the faces of people; interact with your followers: share your newsletter, write comments and ask direct questions to engage your audience,
  • Respect the sending cadence: it is essential that your audience gets used to your publications and perceives your newsletter as an unmissable event.

The Facebook Newsletter: What Is A Bulletin?

Facebook has made a new change and has included the newsletter in its contents. We still find the beta testing, but there is a lot of information we have available.

Facebook Bulletin is the name of the space dedicated to newsletters.

It will host both free and paid content. Users will be motivated to subscribe to the service through inclusion in dedicated Facebook groups and special badges.

What Are The Benefits Of The Facebook Bulletin?

Although it is still taking its first steps, Bulletin already presents itself as one of the top players on the market for its many advantages:

  • Write paid content
  • Import content from another newsletter so as not to lose existing work
  • Build multimedia products by integrating podcasts and audio rooms to create audio suggestions and amplify the effect of the newsletter.

Get ready and be prepared to be the first to man the platform. It is an opportunity not to be missed to be the forerunner of an activity that brings you a significant communicative advantage over your competitors.

Twitter & Revue: How Does The Social Newsletter Change?

In early 2021, Twitter announced the acquisition of Revue, a company founded in 2015 that offers a newsletter creation service. A strategic move to compete in the market with other platforms.

Although the two services are still separate, the two platforms are starting to integrate; how? With a special button within the Twitter profile.

How To Connect Social Media And Newsletters With Twitter?

“Any creator with a Twitter account linked to their Revue newsletter can activate the feature to allow users to subscribe to the newsletter directly from Twitter.”

Thus was introduced to the novelty, of recent times, by the executives of Twitter. In other words, Twitter has inserted a direct path on the profiles of those who also have a Revue account to ensure that followers immediately subscribe to the newsletter.

If you have decided to choose this solution, some followers may not see this option. The feature is currently only available for the web and Android and is being tested.

In summary: the newsletter remains one of the most used means to promote one’s products and services, work on the sense of belonging to the brand and build a relationship with one’s community.

Today you can reach all these goals also thanks to social networks. And doing it will be easier than you think. You have to experiment.

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