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Know About Data Marketing Strategy For A Medical Practice

By personalizing communication, data marketing makes it possible to create the basis for a relationship of trust between doctor and patient.

New technologies have a strong impact on our daily life since they modify both the way we consume (e-commerce), travel (carpooling, autonomous car, GPS), learning, but also to heal.

The digital transforms our professional life (telecommuting, robotics, automation tasks) and our leisure modes (music, TV, reading, cinema).

With the rise of social networks and new communication systems, digital technology has also affected our personal identity and is changing the scope of our social networks. The list is far from exhaustive and demonstrates a real paradigm shift.

We are therefore witnessing a disruption, not only technological but also economic, political and cultural. Faced with this profound transformation of our societies, what can be the consequences at the level of the doctor/patient relationship? How can the reasoned use of major digital innovations make it possible to create a relationship based on trust and respect?

To meet these challenges, we are going to help you decipher these major innovations that are Big Data and its field of application in Marketing: Data-Marketing.

What Is Big Data?

The Big Data refers to a very large data set no standard tool for managing basic or information can not handle.

According to the research firm Gartner, Big Data obeys the 3V rule :

  • Volume: The set contains a very large number of data that cannot be processed by a conventional tool.
  • Variety: The data is varied and comes from different (unstructured) sources.
  • Velocity: For the high speed at which data is created, collected and shared.

The digitization of our daily lives has generated a gigantic creation of data. Indeed, each of our digital actions leaves a trace which is then stored on a database.

For example, Google records what you are looking for, Amazon what you buy, Netflix what you watch, and what you like on Facebook or Instagram.

Recent studies estimate that every person on earth will generate 1.7 megabytes of data per second by 2020, the size of an MP3 file of a song of about 2 minutes.

Beyond collecting and storing this data, the challenge lies in the use of this intangible heritage. The processing of these data pools is made possible by Artificial Intelligence.

What Applications In The Field Of Health?

The sector health has not escaped the digitization (equipment medical , insurance, illness , objects health connected, telemedicine, go online) and the amount of information health collected each day exponentially. An opportunity for medical research !

The use of this data is of interest to many players in the world of health.

Here are some of the applications:

Disease Prevention

  • The data collected makes it possible to identify risk factors for certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes, asthma or neurodegenerative diseases.
  • This information then makes it possible to improve prevention policies.

Treatment Of Diseases

  • This data can also personalize the processing. For example, IBM’s Watson supercomputer makes it possible to analyze the results of the genomic sequencing of cancer patients in a few minutes, compare the data obtained with those already available and thus propose a personalized therapeutic strategy.
  • The big data can also help to check the effectiveness of treatment. For example, in the field of vaccines, clinicians today measure hundreds of parameters during clinical trials: cell counts, cell functionality, expression of genes of interest.
  • These applications are far from being exhaustive, and it is likely that advances technology, the digitization of data of health and the emergence of start-up specialized in health (Health-Tech) will give rise to new services and to uses of patients, practitioners and organizations of health.

What About Marketing?

The marketing is no exception to the rule.

Directly linked to the rise of Big Data , Data Marketing brings together marketing and communication techniques based on the collection and use of digital data – today mainly web and tomorrow enriched by connected objects.

So What Is The Stake For You, Health Professionals?

Use data to learn how to qualify your audience to improve the quality of your information to patients.

76% of marketers believe that marketing has changed more in two years than in the last fifty years.

The digital and computer progress has indeed changed the behaviour of patients, to the point that futurist Joel de Rosnay talks about ” Patients Enlightened ”

“ Enlightened patients are people who are increasingly connected to social networks and who can seek information about their health. They discuss together, exchange views and are more and more experts. Many doctors today assure us that they like having to deal with patients who ask them the right questions, even if they can go so far as to contradict their prescriptions ”.

To meet this challenge, the modern marketer needs the following data:

  • Data on the individual as such (gender, age, location, etc.);
  • On his browsing behaviour (for example, this individual came to the site three times this week);
  • His needs (the cyber-patient has consulted the articles relating to the injection of hyaluronic acid).

Thus, thanks to Data Marketing techniques, it is now possible to:

  1. Understand your audience
  • Who are the visitors to your health website?
  • In what context did they arrive on your medical website?
  • What content is viewed?

2. Detect your needs

  • The real intention of their visit to your medical site?
  • Is it simple curiosity, information gathering for a possible operation or a real intention?

3. Deliver the right information

  • Depending on the Internet user’s level of interest in relation to their needs, being able to personalize their communication by delivering the most relevant information possible.
  • For example, what type of information will I provide to my patient in pre-consultation and/or post-consultation (the patient’s questions will not be the same).

By personalizing communication, data marketing makes it possible to create the basis for a relationship of trust between doctor and patient.

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