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The Cutting-edge Technology That Powers Modern Live Casinos

The remarkable advancements in mobile technology are partly to blame for the quick growth of internet gambling, or IGaming. Since the release of the first smartphone roughly 20 years ago, about half of all internet sector profits have come from gambling.

The world of gaming has been irrevocably altered by online casinos. To play slots or roulette, you no longer need to visit a physical location. Nowadays you may play your favourite games at top10bestcasino. Online gambling clubs are always changing and filling in the gaps, but they weren’t always like what we’re used to seeing now.

Nobody would contest the fact that, despite the fact that players may play their preferred slots whenever they want, there is still a vibe in brick-and-mortar casinos that makes winning even more exciting. Live sites were created to provide an analogous playing experience for internet players. In order to engage with a real dealer while still playing from home, gamers might obtain a more realistic sense of the game.

Every year the casino technology keeps evolving and evolving, and what once seemed like science fiction is now becoming an everyday reality. Let’s talk about the wonderful technology that is being used in online gambling clubs nowadays.

High-definition video streaming technology

In order to transmit video information from the land-based establishment to the player, a quality camera needs to be not only in the casino itself, but also at the receiving end. Otherwise, a full-fledged game simply won’t work. It’s also important to ensure that the broadcast runs smoothly. And this requires high-speed Wi-Fi and 5G networks. Using these modern technologies, it is possible to achieve a stream of video information with excellent clarity, which will make the player’s experience even more vivid.

Optical character recognition

The most authentic player experience depends not only on the video transmission but also on optical character recognition — OCR. They make it possible to convey all aspects of a live dealer casino game over the Internet.

Artificial intelligence helps to process, for example, winning numbers on roulette wheels and interpret card values at blackjack tables.

Game control units

They code all the game content and provide the necessary data to the live dealers. And the more advanced these units are, the more productive the game itself becomes.

For players, these units show them how some live dealer games evolve. For example, you can see the winning numbers in roulette or find out whether a player has won a bet or lost a bet.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies

By utilising VR technology, casino companies provide players the chance to enter a virtual world while relaxing in their own homes. It is a top-notch technology that, to the best of its ability, records every detail. The mood will be completely appreciated by the gamer, who will also feel content. The user will also experience memorable feelings and have a terrific time. Everyone who has had a chance to use this technology is happy with it. Players may converse with their gaming neighbour and experience sitting in a genuine 5 euro deposit casino.

Western gaming platforms have almost completely adopted this format. All you have to do is put on a virtual reality headset and move into the game. There are also already separate offices that are equipped with the necessary devices to be transported into virtual reality. This is designed for complete player comfort.

PWA applications

Progressive applications are also gaining attention as well as other modern technologies. Apple and Google were the first to notice their promising development. Online casinos are also gradually starting to use PWAs. Progressive apps are also collaborating with famous browsers such as Chrome.

The main advantage of these applications is that they install the desired game directly through Chrome. That is, it is enough to use any browser and know the name of the desired game. Looking at the growth and popularity of online games, it’s clear that casinos are using progressive applications as a way of attracting new customers.

Big data and popular games

Not everyone is familiar with the term big data. This technology has become popular because of its properties. It analyses large volumes of information.

Online gambling platforms use big data for various purposes. For example, with this feature, they can collect data about their players, their behaviour, information about competitors, and changes in other countries. All of this forms an analysis and makes an important report. Once it receives the report, the online casino builds on it and creates a more accurate and efficient operation. The analysis of player behaviour gives the establishment information on the needs and interests. This then helps with the launching of new projects and platforms. Bookmakers use this feature to improve the accuracy of their predictions and bets.

This technology also helps with finding players who are addicted to gambling. Responsible online casino platforms try to pay special attention to this and provide timely assistance. They promote a healthy attitude towards gambling and strongly advise against abusing such a hobby.

The future of live casino gaming

Apart from the aforementioned technologies, there are other important aspects. Quality monitors, digital casino wheels, instant messaging, lighting equipment and cloud storage are important for live casino gaming.

Now, for example, there are truly revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality AR changes the whole concept of casino gambling by removing the dependence on a physical device such as a computer, laptop or smartphone. For example, you can start playing immediately on the table surface. (VR) technologies that can take the player experience to the next level. Some providers have already launched VR games, but this side of online gambling is still in its early stages. Either way, one thing is clear — online gambling will continue to evolve and the latest technology will sooner or later find its way into it.

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