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Tips To Pass Canadian Citizenship Test On The First Attempt

Canada is among the top countries around the globe. People from all over the world are trying to get to Canada and start a life that is above the standard of average countries. People every year want to go to Canada and get citizenship if possible.

Migrating from one country to another can be really frustrating. There are a lot of things that keep you wondering. The first thing to know before starting an application for citizenship is where to start. Most people are confused about where to start the journey of Canadian citizenship.

Here we talk about the Canadian citizenship test which is also your first step toward Canadian citizenship. Here we have included everything that is keeping you wondering about the process related to becoming a Canadian citizen lawfully.

What is the Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian citizenship test is a standardized test taken by the government of Canada before deciding whether to let some foreigners stay in their country forever. It is the first process to get your Canadian citizenship and passport.

Most people are confused about what things must be taken into consideration for the preparation of the test. Here are things you need to know to pass the Canadian CitizenshipTest test on the first attempt.

a) Who is eligible for the test?

There are certain criteria to be fulfilled before appearing for the test. The government has set some rules for people to appear in the interview and the test separately.

  • Adults above the age of 28 and under 59 should go for both the test and the interview.
  • Adults over 55 should only go for an interview.
  • Minors under 18 and having Canadian parents must not take the test
  • Minors under the age of 17 and above 14 should go for an interview if their parents are not Canadian.

b) What Comes on the Test

Many people are nervous because of the test. The main reason for people being nervous can be because they don’t know what comes on the test. As already said, the Canadian citizenship test is just basic questions about the Canadian lifestyle and economy. Things that are asked in the test include:

  • Canadian Geography
  • Canadian History
  • Canadian Economy
  • Rules and Laws
  • About The Canadian Government
  • Common Symbols

The test is simple and people can easily answer the questions. You will need to prepare for the test by being curious about Canada and trying to know everything about the place. The test reflects the understanding of the person about Canada and will help them be a humble citizen in the future with a lot of information about the place they live in.

You can always get the study materials on the official site of the Canadian citizenship test and also there are a lot of sites providing paid mock tests and free tests as well.

How And Where To Apply

You can apply in two ways. As per your convenience, you can submit an online form by paying the registration fee or the test fee as kept by the government of Canada. You should not apply online and submit an offline form as well. Applying one of the methods is enough.

Get The Interview And Test Date

After applying for the test, you will be invited to the citizenship test within weeks after the concerned authorities send you the acknowledgment of receipt letter. You will be notified before 1-2 weeks of the test about the time, date, and location of the test. All you need to do is to book the test and wait for the rest of the process.

Things To Take To The Test

To avoid any hassles and problems there is a list of certain things that you must take along with you while giving the test. Some of the most important things that you should not forget are:

  • Notice to Appear
  • Pr card
  • 2 personal identification documents which include:

a) 1 ID with your photograph and signature, it can be a driver’s license or health care as well.

b) foreign Id document should be government-issued.

c) Proper translation of the documents should be done if they are not in English or french

During And After The Test

You need to be well-behaved and answer the questions correctly. The test is in the English language and you have to answer 15 questions among 20 total questions provided to pass the test. A total of 30 minutes is allocated to complete the test. The test can be written or verbal, it is mostly written.

After the test, you have met a citizenship official for your further process. The official is the main person who will guide you in the further process of citizenship. You will get all the information from the personnel.

What if you fail

If you pass you will be given a date for the citizenship ceremony. But what if you fail?

If you fail the test you should not worry. If you meet all the requirements and fail, then you will be scheduled for the next test within a couple of weeks.

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