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What Happens On The Dark Web?

As we have seen in previous articles, not everything that does not appear on Google is found on the Dark Web. Contrary to what many people think, not all content on the Dark Web is illegal and dangerous. In this article, we dispel some harmful myths about the Dark Web and those who surf it with an eye to the aspects of cyber security.

What is the Dark Web

The Dark Web is a parallel network to the Internet that can only be accessed with special software. This was born to create a virtual space in which anonymity is respected, something that hasn’t happened on the Internet for many years. Most Dark Web networks are small friend-to-friend or P2P networks, but there are also extensive networks, such as Tor or Freenet. A specific browser is sufficient to access more extensive networks, while smaller ones are private networks, and an invitation is required to join and obtain login credentials.

What Is Found

In the popular imagination, the Dark Web is a dark and dangerous place inhabited by scammers, hackers and real criminals. While it is true that these categories of people have found a place to thrive on the Dark Web, on the other hand, this negative image does not take into account all the harmless users and content on the Dark Web. On Tor, for example, we can find cooking forums, information portals and any other type of site you would find on the Internet. The Dark Web web also has its own Wikipedia, the HiddenWiki ). The only difference is that the creators of these sites have chosen the Dark Web to be left alone by search engine crawlers and allow their users to communicate in complete freedom. Harmless sites account for 90% of the Dark Web’s content, with the remaining 10% being criminal sites, on which you can buy pre-packages, illegal substances, weapons and even the services of a professional criminal. However, following the latest cyber police raids in various countries, many of these sites have been
closed, and some of those that survive are traps for the curious, on which crackers hide malware and other cyber threats. A curious fact recorded by the Dark Web experts is that illegal activities are increasingly similar to large legal companies:

  • They have a well-made website.
  • They take care of the customer experience.
  • Some even have customer service.

Ultimately, on the Dark Web, we find all those who want to remain anonymous: those who conduct illegal activities because they do not want to be monitored or censored. To this last category, for example, belong many Chinese citizens who have had to resort to the Dark Web to be able to communicate online and use services censored by the Chinese government.

Security On The Dark Web

It’s good to say the Dark Web is less secure than the Internet. The Internet is a vast resource and has the contributions of many people who have made it more secure; think of the SSL protocol. Before connecting to a Dark Web, you need to know that the network’s software handles the connection, and while this ensures your anonymity, it makes you more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If you decide, for example, to try browsing Tor, follow our security tips for the dark web.

  • Do not share personal data.
  • Stay away from illegal sites. The temptation is strong, but it is precisely on it that the cybercriminals who set their traps on the Dark Web leverage. You could download malware from one of these sites without meaning to, and it would certainly not be a good experience.
  • Don’t shop. Generally, we do not recommend entering your credit card or cryptocurrency e-Wallet information on a Dark Web site.
  • Use a VPN in addition to the Dark Web connection software. This will add an extra layer of security to your connection.
  • Install powerful cyber security software.

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