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10 Reasons Why You Should Sell On Amazon

If you’re thinking of starting a business on the side or on a full-time basis, the timing couldn’t be better. If there was one business that thrived during the pandemic, it had to be Amazon, and rightly so. People couldn’t go out often, so delivery was the only way to get certain products. The future is digital, and if the prospect of being the boss of your own business sounds appealing, you should consider opening up an account and start selling on Amazon.

For plenty of sellers out there, starting a business on Amazon means you expose yourself to a huge customer base instantly. Not only that, but this customer base also comes with a high conversion rate, much more than any other e-commerce site, even eBay. The other prospect of selling on Amazon is the minimal effort but maximum income. Amazon offers a near-perfect solution for sellers looking to branch out and reach out to newer heights.

Here’s some rainbow of reasons why you should sell on Amazon:

1. You Have A Full Bank Of Ready-to-purchase Customers

Potential customers on Amazon is triple than those of any other e-commerce site. Setting up your store means you get to reach a customer base with ready-to-buy products and services. This means you don’t need to convince them much. The number of customers you can reach in a month – 197 million!

2. Amazon Is The Go-to Platform During The Pandemic

Since the pandemic started, customers have been flocking to Amazon to buy anything and everything they needed. It was the go-to platform for people all over the world. Money was being spent, and it was being spent rapidly. For sellers, this is a huge opportunity to gain breadth and depth to increase the visibility of their business since a surge of customers were on Amazon during the quarantine.

3. People Spend On Amazon Because It’s Reliable

This is undeniable. Amazon has built its credibility to a solid base, holding an upper hand toward superior customer service and exceptional shipping. Due to these two factors alone, Amazon has managed to retain a large slide of the online consumer pie.

4. Amazon Prime Is Booming

With the pandemic’s onset, it has resulted in more and more customers opting for an Amazon Prime account. Amazon Prime enables customers to spend while saving on shipping costs, giving out incentives such as express delivery or two-day free shipping on Prime products. According to a recent study, a total of 95 million people subscribed to Amazon Prime memberships in the US alone in 2020.

5. No Listing Fee

One of the ways some e-commerce sites make money is through charging fees for every item listed on their site. But then, with Amazon, you don’t have this at all. This means you can list as many items as you want and leave them there until a purchase is made. That said, there are other fees charged, such as sales fees, with Amazon taking a hefty 20% out of the profit.

6. You Don’t Have To Put In So Much Effort

The fact that your business on Amazon is exposed to millions of purchase-ready customers means that you don’t have to put in that much marketing and promotions effort to get a customer to buy your products. What’s more, when you work with a fulfillment service such as, it reduces your workload even more in producing products. You also don’t need to relist items like on eBay. The only thing sellers need to worry about is shipping and customer service.

7. It’s A Great Place For Budding Brands

If you’re starting a brand, Amazon is a good startup platform to give your brand some credibility and visibility. It’s a great place for trial and error, too, because you get to learn the ropes of the online trade before venturing out to sell your products on physical store shelves. With an Amazon business account, you can test your target market, their reactions, what they like and don’t like, and you also have access to retail data that can help you create a better marketing campaign should you want to venture out of Amazon.

8. Drive Traffic To Your Sites

Amazon presents the perfect opportunity to drive traffic to your blog or website. If Amazon is where you list and sell your products, your blog or website acts as your brand’s voice. Provide valuable information about your brand, brand values, and other information, which helps increase your products’ credibility. This information adds differentiation and is another way of convincing customers why they should buy your products instead of your competitors.

9. Amazon Associates

Feel free to take advantage of Amazon Associates services to market and promote products related to the industry on your website. Amazon Associates is an affiliate program allowing sellers to earn commissions through affiliate links. However, the drawback here is that there will be a clash of interest between the products you sell and the ones you promote. To avoid this and not burn your business, select products you promote meticulously.

10. Jump-start To The Top

You immediately have an advantage when you sell on Amazon. As online retail continues to increase and grow worldwide, Amazon continues to build and increase its service offerings, offering better retail experiences and new technology for both customers and sellers.

If your objective is to rapidly reach a huge customer base and increase your sales volume, Amazon ticks this and many other boxes. It’s a great place for a new or established business. For new businesses, it’s all about creating a niche in the industry and creating visibility. For established businesses, it’s about reaching out to a new customer base. The advantages far exceed any drawbacks, such as Amazon fees. The best way to know if this platform works for your needs is to start selling on a small scale and see how your target customer base reacts to it. Amazon may not be for everyone, but to know this is to try it.

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