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Drive Customer Loyalty Through WordPress Push Notifications Experiences

Customer loyalty plays a crucial role in the expansion of the business. It provides a stable platform in the competitive market. This is the reason why business owners spend a lot on earning customer loyalty.

But one thing that draws our attention is a lot of money.

Is there any technique that can provide us with customer loyalty, without spending a lot of money?

Well, the answer is yes. WordPress push notifications are the ones that can do a job at an economical price. WordPress push notifications and WooCommerce push notifications are not only capable of earning customer loyalty but are also known for driving conversions.

Want to know how? Continue reading further.

1. Two-way communication: Push notifications are generally considered as the 2nd line of communication with the audience after your website. They provide you an opportunity to connect instantly with your audience. It doesn’t matter which part of the world your audience resides. Push notification can take you to every corner of the world, instantly.

This means you got something for your audience you can immediately contact and inform them about the same. On the other hand, push notifications also provide an ability to your users to reach your platform just by clicking on the link.

2. Rich media: WordPress push notifications provide you an ability to use rich media. Rich media includes text, images, video, graphics, gifs, emojis, etc. It enhances user experience and also motivates them to take the required action.

Actually the thing is, rich media produces an eye-catchy effect. It also makes a notification effective. The idea behind using rich media is to convey useful information to users without making a push notification lengthy and boring. Thus it helps to enhance user’s experience and aids in increasing customer loyalty.

rich media push notifications

3. Segmentation and personalization: When it comes to earning customer loyalty which technique can perform better than segmentation and personalization? WordPress push notifications can be segmented and personalized as per the user’s interest and demand.

The thing is, every individual has its own interests and requirements. So, you can’t sell a single item to all audiences. In fact, when you try to send push notifications for a single item to all users, you irritate them. As a result, you lose customers. Moreover, if you are sending push notifications on an inappropriate time, you still lose both sales and loyalty.

The best way to counter this situation is to send more of a segmented and personalized push notification at an appropriate time. This can help you to earn both loyalty and sales.

Segmentation and personalization

4. Feedbacks: When you are looking forward to building trust, feedback plays a crucial role. It makes your users feel special. They feel good that they are being heard and are taken care of. Feedback also provides you an opportunity to fix several issues at the earliest possible level.

This is the field where WordPress push notifications can help you with. You can run a campaign demanding customer feedback at a regular interval of time. You can also ask for customer’s feedback after every visit or purchase from your platform. This will help you to earn customer loyalty. Your customers will visit your platform with purpose and trust.

5. Automated push notifications: When customers buy some products from your platform, they want to receive the product as early as possible. Now if they have to visit your platform each and every time for the current status of the product, it will create frustration. As a result bad user experience.

To prevent this you can use WordPress-WooCommerce push notifications. These push notifications will be triggered automatically. They will provide the current status of the product and will let your customers know when the product is going to arrive at their doorstep. This will enhance the user experience. As a result, they will see your platform as a trusted platform and will not hesitate in shopping.

6. Increase brand value: Push notifications provide you an ability to increase your brand value. You can add your brand story along with coupons, discounts, and giveaways. The purpose of doing this is to attract more audience to your platform. It is also done with the purpose of giving a unique experience to your existing customers.

It will let your users feel special that they are attached to a trusted and renowned brand. It will make them feel special, using your brand. As a result, It will not only bring you loyalty but also free advocacy.

Conclusion: Push notifications carry the power to drive new customers to your platform. They also help to engage existing customers. Moreover, they provide one of the crucial ways to earn customer’s loyalty by providing customers with a good experience. Now, how it is being done is presented to you.

Jasen Hudson
Wonderpush, provides you an opportunity to earn customer’s loyalty. It provides you with WordPress-WooCommerce push notifications to give your customers a unique experience on your platform.


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