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How Much Is A Blog Worth?

Last week, during a course I was teaching on the subject so dear to me as Digital Education, I focused on the importance of blogs and why, nowadays, it is so influential for companies, professionals, freelancers, or for those who want to try to emerge on the web for a particular ability or interest. Among the guys listening to me, suddenly, a voice arose intoning the following question: “Is it possible to understand or give an economic evaluation to a blog?”

A wonderful question! Full of shades.

The blog, first of all, has no economic value, or rather, it is invaluable. Inestimable for two reasons: the first is that you cannot give an exact (if not wholly personal) monetary evaluation. Second, if it works and brings value, informs, and solves problems for your target, it can seriously open the leads to significant projects and produce a real monetary contribution.

You Cannot Give An Exact Economic Evaluation Of A Blog

“Everything has a cost,” lies! As I said before, the actual price can only be entirely personal. There are blogs (and bloggers) that I can value thousands of Euros for what they have taught me and others that have been able to sell well, but I think they are just smoke and no roast. Then there may be the emerging ones, who churn out exciting content thanks to their healthy hunger for visibility. Unfortunately, we often don’t notice precisely because we don’t know them. Their talent is also invaluable. Well, if there is one advantage that made me fall in love with blogs, it is this: the value depends entirely on the author’s or authors’ contribution. So, people. And people, like their culture, are not for sale.

If The Blog Informs And Solves Problems For Its Target, It Wins

First, the blog is not used to sell. I have already written it several times. It attracts potentially interested parties, such as customers if we are a company or publishing houses if we are writers. And how can we attract the attention of our target? Writing valuable content, ergo, content that provides real help to those in need of answers. The richness of what we share will become directly proportional to the work opportunities and visibility it will bring us over time. A tip: expecting immediate results from a blog, unless you are a public character or brand, is like throwing poison on your creativity. The watchwords must be the usual three: patience, perseverance, and investment.

How Much Is A Blog Worth To You?

For me, its value remains inestimable, from creation to actual earning. What determines an equivalent can only be its effectiveness and competence.

Cost Of A WordPress Blog On Your Host (Box)

  • Domain Cost: on average, it is around 5-10 euros per year (against the annual cost of WordPress.com, which is 99 euros per year for the least expensive package among the professional ones);
  • Host cost: on average, it is around 60 euros per year;
  • WordPress cost: free.

So basically, if you buy your own web space on a host and install WordPress on it, you will pay about 70 euros a year, and with your site, you can do whatever you want with it. If, on the other hand, you choose to stay on WordPress.com and buy its paid packages, you will have limited functionality. For the little you can spend by purchasing the least expensive package among the professional ones (and therefore with limited functionality), you will pay at least 100 euros for each. Year. This is to show you how it is more convenient to buy your host and domain and install WordPress on it, which is an open-source CMS and, therefore, free.

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