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Management Platform: Understand The Main Impacts On Your Business

Today, software should not be purchased as a “closed package” with essential functions that can hardly be changed. It must be a management platform, a much more personalized solution suitable for your business.

This change from closed software to a platform yields several advantages for the company, for example, better distribution of information and increased control. There are other impacts capable of generating efficiency and competitiveness.

We have gathered preliminary information about the management platform and tips on its impact on your company. So, keep an eye on the following topics!

After All, What Is A Management Platform?

A management platform is a set of systems used to support the management process of organizations. It facilitates or automates several steps, such as customer registration, order registration, billing operations, and the sale itself.

In Portuguese, it is also called ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) – something like enterprise resource planning. This is because it facilitates the planning and allocation of the firm’s various resources, ensuring more excellent quality in what is done.

In recent years, the management platform has undergone significant changes. Today it allows the integration of new technologies (such as CRM, WMS, and Big Data) and can be customized according to the needs of each business.

How Does A Management Platform Work?

Every company works through a set of processes, even if they are poorly defined or imperceptible by its employees and leaders. When dysfunctional, these processes tend to generate losses and low organizational performance.

The management platform works as an orchestrator of these processes, allowing the areas to carry out their activities semi- or automatically. That is, the ERP provides part of the instruments and the direction so that there is fluidity, facilitating the achievement of generic objectives and essential to business success.

In this case, the tool makes it possible for each stage of the purchase, sale, or payment process to work orderly through a specialized system, ensuring more consistent results. So the whole company can grow.

What Are The Functions Of Integrated Management Software?

There are many functions; integrated management software impacts the entire company and improves many processes. In this case, its application ranges from the purchase of materials to accounting, passing through the different areas and activities of the firm.

Some of the main functions are linked to the sales process – which is essential to the company’s existence and health. The ERP enables the registration of products, the registration of new orders, and the billing operation. Therefore, it guarantees that the sale occurs more quickly, safely, and conveniently for end customers.

Operations also benefit. It is possible to control the separation of loads, the loading of trucks, and the logistics of the warehouse, reducing the number of losses, errors, and operational inefficiency. In addition to them, there are many other benefits:

Especially today, there are few limits to the functions of integrated management software. It can adapt to the demands of each company. A school, for example, can record the purchase and sale of teaching materials. In industry, the application allows supply chain monitoring and risk management.

Even so, as technology evolves, the software encompasses new functionality. Therefore, it will soon allow the automation of more processes, reducing costs for companies and generating greater efficiency in what is done.

What Are The Impacts Of Implementing An ERP On My Business?

Firstly, it is possible to highlight the improvement of processes. As the ERP is an orchestrator of what happens at work, nothing is more natural than the maturing of processes and the alignment of teams and sectors of the company.

Better distribution of information is another impact. The necessary information can be cascaded between professionals and areas, ensuring access to the correct information. This does not happen — or happens with a disability — without adequate software.

Increased control is also a reality, as it is possible to visualize the performance of tasks through critical indicators and promote consistent improvements. The company can evolve in a targeted way, focusing on generic objectives.

All these factors lead to increased revenue and profit and benefit the business’s competitiveness and efficiency in the market. Thus, surviving much longer and building a healthy and profitable business becomes possible.

What To Evaluate To Choose The Best-Integrated Management Software?

Several items must be evaluated to choose an excellent integrated management software, from the system’s maturity to its supplier’s reputation.

Firstly, you need to analyze the adherence to your business, as many software still need to be flexible and may not be suitable. It is possible to adapt to the cosmetics industry but not to apply to the agricultural industry, for example. Therefore, evaluate whether the features suit your business and the degree of customization.

The software’s experience in your business segment is also significant. To do so, ask the supplier for lists of references, success stories, and research that prove the effectiveness of ERP in the segment. In addition, it is worth talking to people who already use the software and assessing whether they are satisfied.

The supplier itself must be evaluated, considering its reputation in the market, what support it offers, and what degree of authority it demonstrates. By checking these factors, you will make a good choice and ensure the integration of a great ERP.

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