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The Best Gaming Apps To Use In 2023

Gaming has gained massive popularity over the past few years. It has an appeal which attracts players of every age group and with online gaming, there is a whole new level of thrill and excitement. When we talk about gaming, we also include hundreds of thousands of games that are spread across Android and iOS and they cover over a decade.

The popularity of gaming is only going to increase in the coming years and if you are a beginner, it is time to check out the best gaming apps to use in 2023. We will see several new games in the form of sequels and remakes coming in 2023 and it is time to choose the best games to install on your phone. Let us take a look at the important, genre-defining games that can change your gaming experience.

Best gaming apps to use in 2023.

1. Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile comes with new characters and new abilities with the iconic cast from the original game. It takes Respawn’s battle Royale shooter and will deliver a custom version that is suitable for your mobile device.

In this game, you have to team up with the others to hunt the enemy squads on the vast map. However, with the revamped controls, you will have a whole new experience with accurate shooting and skillful movement without feeling restricted by the touch interface.

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2. Symphony of the night

Another iconic game in the Castlevania series is the Symphony of the night. It can be played on Android devices. In this game, you have to take control of the Alucard, who is a vampire and then slay the demonic hordes which haunt the castle.

You aim to resurrect Dracula. While Symphony of the Night shows a large RPG weapon as well as an inventory system, it is filled with interesting items, spells and gears. You have a massive castle to explore and several abilities to learn. This game is worth exploring and it could soon become your favourite.

3. Gates of Olympus

If you love slot games, you have to explore Gates of Olympus on Jackpotjoy. It is a game based on Greek mythology and is published by Pragmatic Play. The Gates of Olympus is a new release and a recent addition to the online slots. Hence, it is guaranteed to impress all slot fans from across the world.

It is an exciting 20-pay line, 5-reel slot game which can be played by individuals of all ages. You can even enjoy this game with your family members. It comes with many bonus features but one of the most famous is the Wild Olympus Bonus. You can also enjoy scatter symbols or get multiplier symbols if you want to get more winnings and have more fun.

4. Rise of Cultures

The Rise of Cultures is an Android and iOS game and it is developed by Innogames. It is a game about building a whole civilisation which expands and grows across different areas of history but in this game, there is a human-centric approach.

Hence, you not only get to choose the different types of cultures to cultivate the civilisation but you can also take control of the individual workers and give them a productive work schedule while deploying them to improve your city as and when you please.

5. Monument valley

Monument Valley and its sequel Monument Valley 2 are the rare video games that have turned mainstream and are a favourite amongst many. It is the kind of game that is referenced in TV shows and also played by those who aren’t gaming enthusiasts. Once you explore this game, you could be hooked to it. It has Escher-like spatial puzzles and a stunning art style. People love this game and it is available on Apple Arcade.

6. The Witcher Arcade Game: Gwent

This is an Android game and is a rebalanced iteration of a multiplayer card game known as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game is a combination of strategy and deck building which will give you a solid selection of support and combat units. The cards will be divided into factions and they have individual perks but can synergise with the faction’s ability to change the way you approach a match. The game is free to play and you can earn special currency when you complete objectives.

These are a few of the top gaming apps to use and explore in 2023. Every year we get new games to explore and new sequels to wait for. But these are some of the top games that can be played from the comfort of your home. Whether you are a beginner or a gamer, these games will ensure you have an excellent time playing and winning!

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