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The Design That The Galaxy S23 Series Will Have Has Been Filtered

Mobile phone designs have been leaked, which will undergo minor changes from last year.

SAMSUNG It is just weeks away from unveiling the new version of its Galaxy S phones, but a recent leak has revealed what the design of the mobile phones would look like, both in their primary ranges and in the higher tiers.

The images were disclosed by Evan Blass, the famous American leak, showing the colors in which this year’s series will arrive and the aesthetic changes. The information that was revealed should have mentioned the screen sizes that will differ in the three models and the technical department of the mobile phones. The leaked images confirm a long-supposed design. The sensors will be left free from previous versions while being positioned vertically, as in previous models.

For the Galaxy S23 S S23Plus versions, the design will be precisely the same:

  • Rounded edges
  • A glass back with a matte finish
  • The three cameras adjusted on the left side

On The Front, The Camera Will Be On The Screen With Some Bezels

Mobile phone designs have been leaked, which will undergo minor changes from last year.

On the other hand, for the S23 Ultra, The style for this year will be the same as in 2022. The design is rectangular with a larger screen than the other two models, although it also has a matte finish. Two more cameras have been added, which will serve as additional sensors: a telephoto lens and a depth lens.

At the front, the screen will have a slight curvature at the edges, which was also present in the previous year’s version, and will include a pencil sticking out from the bottom next to the charging port.

In terms of colors, by 2023, the company will have four options: black, gold, light pink and army green. Although this alternative could have many changes, depending on each country’s market, changes are made to the colors, or some versions are limited. The date on which the traditional design of these mobiles will be known will be February 1, when the brand will hold its official event, in which more devices should be shown this year.

Mobile phone designs have been leaked, which will undergo minor changes from last year.

Speculation indicates that these phones will include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which is more efficient and powerful, which signals the end of the Exynos chip manufactured by the same company. It should improve performance and fix the overheating issues in last year’s series.

All eyes are on this Ultra version because it will have a 200 MP primary camera as a novelty, which could affect the thickness of the device, although this has not been confirmed.

The screens will be as follows. The Galaxy S23 will have a 6.1-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340, the Galaxy S23 Plus will have a 6.6-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340, and the S23 Ultra will have a 6.8-inch display.

Regarding battery issues, the two most advanced models will have 45W fast charging and an essential 25W mobile phone. Also, the leaks mention S23 and S23+ versions. They will have 8GB of RAM, but the S23 Ultra will come with 12 GB.

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