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The Ultimate Solutions to Convert PDF to DWG

Many times, a designer is forced to edit a design or document that is only available in PDF format. The most practical solution in such cases is to find a way to convert PDF to DWG and thus work in complete comfort.

In this post, we will explain what exactly the DWG format is, what it is useful for, and what methods exist to convert a PDF file to DWG. The latter is particularly interesting considering that it is a format widely recognized and used, with countless practical applications in both academic and professional settings.

What is the DWG format?

Those who have ever used AutoCAD, the computer design software for drawing and creating plans, shapes and objects in 2D and 3D, will safely work on drawing files, whose extension is .dwg. These are files containing two and three-dimensional vector graphics that achieve a high degree of detail.

Typical users of these files include design engineers, architects and draftsmen, graphic designers, and ultimately all professionals who use AutoCAD from Autodesk to create technical drawings and plans.

Advantages of DWG files

Using DWG files has many advantages. Here are the most outstanding ones:

  • The vast majority of users of these files usually work with Autodesk, which is a provider of industry-standard software for creating blueprints and technical drawings. Since the DWG files have the same source, there is no incompatibility problem.
  • DWG files have a binary structure, which allows them to be smaller in size and easier to handle. They offer greater convenience when sharing work with other people and are an important element of saving storage space.
  • They have the super ability to trace 2D and 3D images together, something essential for creating digital designs.


You may have seen DWG and DXF files for similar purposes many times and wondered what the real difference is between them.

Both DWG and DXF formats are industry standards for all professionals who regularly work with CAD programs. The two files were created at approximately the same time, can store the same type of data and offer a similar level of quality, although using different encoding styles.

The file size of both types is also different. This is because the type of vector images and the objects they contain are also different. But the most important difference is that DXF files are open source, while DWG files are always under the control of AutoCAD.

AutoCAD has dominated the industrial and other design sectors for years, so much so that it sets the standard. In the throes of this success, other more or less similar programs were created, at least capable of reading DWG files. However, the most common operation is their conversion to PDF format.

So, to convert from one format to another, the main options are summarized in two: do it through a dedicated PDF converter program or by resorting to an online tool. We will then analyze each of these methods.

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Convert PDF to DWG with SwifDoo PDF

A simple and practical PDF to DWG converter such as SwifDoo PDF can be downloaded for free for Windows operating systems. This software can generate DWG and DXF files from PDF file. The key to high-quality conversion is the intelligent object recognition function.

The converter also handles raster graphics perfectly, it has an integrated OCR functionality. Thanks to the Batch Conversion Mode built into the overlay, SwifDoo PDF users can convert multiple PDF files at the same time. The PDF to DXF module also works with the desktop version.

The way to do this is quite simple, although it may be a bit confusing for someone who is not familiar with this program.

Please note that the accuracy of the resulting content will depend on the quality of the original file.

Online tools to convert PDF to DWG

If you want to convert PDF to DWG outside of a desktop program as SwifDoo PDF desktop version does, especially in the circumstance that you don’t use it regularly or you don’t want to download it to your computer, you can always use an online conversion tool. There are many of them that you can find with a simple Google search, but not all of them offer the same quality and ease of use.

In the section below, you will find a list of online applications that will help you convert a PDF file to the format of your choice. In the vast majority of cases, it is easy enough to finish all the procedures with a few clicks. This process may differ slightly in each application, but the procedure always remains similar.

Here below are some of the most recommended online converters:

SwifDoo PDF Online Converter

SwifDoo PDF Online Converter is an advanced solution that allows you to easily convert PDF files to DWG for completely free. The DWG format is supported by most CAD applications. The important thing is that you do not need to have any CAD environment installed to run the online tool.

It is also possible to convert multiple file formats such as PDF to Word online. The online converter tool is characterized by high efficiency and quality of converted files.


It is a very fast online conversion tool that offers many possibilities. Although its use is similar to that of the other websites on this list, there is an additional point in its offer that is worth highlighting: texts explaining the details of each format, its properties, uses, and other interesting technical details.


Their services allow us to draw plans, diagrams, 3D models and other types of vector files. Of course, they also include a completely free PDF to DWG converter. How to use it is extremely simple: just drag the file to the central field to add it and press start.


We most often perform file conversion when we want to present the data contained in the PDF source file in a different way than before. Another situation that forces us to convert PDF to DWG is the desire to edit the data contained in the PDF file with a program that only supports PDF files.

PDF to DWG conversion is nothing more than changing the structure of the data saved in the PDF file so that after saving the file with the new DWG extension, its correct operation is possible.

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