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William Hill World Darts Championship 2022: Results, Winner, Prize Money, And Other Things to Know

The 2022 William Hill World Darts Championship was an iconic tournament with several records broken. So many dart enthusiasts from all over the world followed every bit of the competition.

Only ten players have won this tournament since its inaugural edition at the Circus Tavern in 1994. This is due mainly to darts legend Phil Taylor winning the title more than 14 times throughout his excellent career.

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Results and Winner

After defeating Michael Smith 7-5 in the Alexandra Palace championship game, Peter Wright became the champion for the second time in three years. It was an appropriate conclusion to an amazing game that saw reigning champion Gerwyn Price lose to Bully Boy despite scoring the game’s record-breaking 3rd nine-darter.

It was a moving outcome to a tense game marred by COVID and tainted by obnoxious spectators – two issues that receded at Alexandra Palace in a flurry of conflicting moods.

Michael Smith suffered his sixth fall in just as many tournament finals. The fact that the game would go the distance now seems unavoidable. With a remarkably similar tourney mean moving into the final, those in the know were divided in their predictions, only agreeing on a suspenseful situation.

The biggest worry was that 31-year-old Smith’s ailments would resurface. The chances of that happening on him prolonging his horrible history in tournament championships fell in under half an hour of the start, after which he had been 2-0 down and in the custody of only two irrelevant legs to present for his initial works.

The second of the game was pretty astounding for its sheer atrocity, with Smith eventually prevailing in a 28-dart leg after the duo did miss a combined total of 21 darts at doubles. Predictably, it was the game’s lengthiest leg.

Willie Borland and Darius Labanauskas had previously made significant progress in the first round, and there’s been no lack of surprises and future talent starting to emerge since the tournament began on December 15.

Meanwhile, Fallon Sherrock reverted to the site of her historic victories over Ted Evetts and Mensur Suljovic in the 2020 edition, with great expectations succeeding her latest heroic deeds at the Grand Slam of Darts – but she was eliminated after losing to Steve Beaton.

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Prize Money

Every participant is assured of having pocketed £50,000 after reaching the quarter-finals. This amount goes up from £7,500 for losers in the first round and gradually rises throughout the competitions.

The tournament, which happens to be Peter Wright for the year, went home with a reward of £500,000.

Other Things to Know

Here are some other things to know about the world darts championships:

What is the PDC World Darts Championship?

The William Hill World Darts Championship is the most notable PDC competition. The championship tends to draw the world’s finest darts players, who compete for the Sid Waddell Trophy, named after popular darts pundit, Sid Waddell.

Since 2008, PDC’s dart schedule is designed to hold the tournament at Alexandra Palace in London. Following the world’s schedule, it usually begins in Dec. and wraps up in January. The championship has already been in existence since 1994, well before the World Darts Council would become the PDC.

The Sport’s Best Players

Phil Taylor is the sport’s most talented player, having won 14 titles in 25 performances, with his most recent victory coming in 2013. Michael van Gerwen would be next in line, having won the championship 3 times in 14 showings. Gerwyn Price was the reigning champion, having defeated Gary Anderson in 2021 to win his 1st title.


Annually, 96 people play, with the 32 top-placed gamers on the PDC Ranking list instantly advancing to the 2nd round. Round one features the 32 top players on the PDC Pro Tour Order of Merit who have not by now met the criteria and 32 qualifiers from around the entire globe.

The playoff begins with a best-of-five-sets format in the first and second division, growing as the championship advances through to the final, a best-of-13-sets format.

Some Notable Matches from the Championship

1. Gary Anderson vs. Peter Wright

Wright had to defeat compatriot Gary Anderson in the semi-finals, which he did expertly. The game unfolded like many commentators anticipated, with Wright racing to a 3-0 run that appeared too much for Anderson to recover from.

2. Gerwyn Price v Kim Huybrechts

In an epic match, the titleholder and tournament’s favorite faced off against a seasoned and resolved adversary, Kim Huybrechts. Price was indeed the pre-match top choice, but the Belgian decided to bring his A-game to confront the world’s top player, making for a thrilling game to view.

Price managed to win 7-5 to consider taking set seven and the match 4-3, making it the only match in the world championships to go all the way to a tiebreak and a sudden-death leg. There were tense moments between the pair during the game, adding a further aspect to the ever-intense competition and heightening the ambiance within the Palace, with the audience solidly behind Huybrechts.


The 2022 edition of the William Hill World Championship of Darts has come and gone, but the memories it created still lingers. In an extraordinary event, Peter Wright emerged victoriously and won the big prize. As darts fans await the next tournament, they can revel in the euphoria of the last one and all the great memories it brought them.

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