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Few Tried And Tested Ways To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

People often switch to business from a monotonous 9 to 5 job when they think their abilities are underutilized. They feel they can achieve much more for the same amount of effort they do to make their employer’s company successful. There is no lie in this, but there is a catch, setting up a business from scratch is not as easy as it might seem. It takes a great deal of attention to detail and the adoption of excellent strategies to outwit any competitor in the market. The usual standard operating procedure is to first identify a section of customers in the market and their specific needs. Afterward, you create a product to satisfy those needs and sell it to the customers. However, there is still a critical piece missing. How would you tell your customers about your product and convince them to buy it? Well, that’s the tricky part, and we call it marketing.

Marketing is the process of showing your potential customers your product in a very appealing way. You try your best to convince them that their life would be incomplete without this product and how it addresses many of their issues. But a person one might ask, how to find the right customer and what mediums to use? There are people out there, and many products have limited usage to age groups or even gender. We cannot possibly reach everyone, and reaching the wrong people would only waste our efforts. Marketers employ different methods for this purpose, and one of those is email marketing, in which they send emails to a massive list of potential customers. A natural question arises, how to build an email list, and that is what we will talk about in this article, so keep reading.

Create Great Email Content

People usually subscribe to the emails, and if you want them to stay subscribed to your email verifier list, you should make quality content. We must realize that in this fast world, the time is short, and people usually have very little time to read emails. If you do not impress them in that short time, you might lose a very loyal customer and email subscriber. When the email content is good, your subscribers will also forward it to other people, which will further increase your readership. If they forget to send your emails, you can always politely ask them to do so at the end of the emails. According to a study, entertainment, and informativeness of advertising email content has a powerfully positive effect on customers.

Create A Landing Page

Landing pages are among the best way to create new subscriptions. These pages have only one purpose and have no other distractions, so create a landing page for email sign up. You cannot simply ask people for an email subscription; you will have to provide them some incentive in the form of content upgrade. This upgrade usually includes some new videos, guides, or ebooks for which they sign up and become part of your mailing list. Landing pages are stand-alone and generally not accessible from your main navigation, so you will have to find other ways to take your customers to them.

Homepage Sign Up Box

The homepage of your website is among the essential pages on your website. It is just like a storefront where you display as many of your products as you want. You can add a sign-up box on your homepage to increase the curiosity of people about your products. Again, it would help if you offered some incentives to take their interest to the zenith where they decide to sign up.

Create An Exit Intent Pop-Up

When the people are about to leave your website, you want to make one last effort to lure them towards your mailing list. This pop-up message usually appears at the bottom of the page, where you often click on that cross button on the tab or go back. The headline of the pop-up needs to be catchy enough that people stop and read it before leaving. Such messages increase the conversion rate of email subscriptions by manifolds.

Offer Free Trial Periods

Whatever service you provide, many websites offer their customers a free trial to get that email subscription. Take the example of Netflix, which gives you a month free trial, which aims to get your email and make you frequent users of their product. Once they get used to your product, they might not be able to resist the urge to sign up. If nothing happens, you still have their email subscription and can keep on persuading them to buy your product.

Include An Email Field In The Checkout Process

It is a straightforward trick you can pull to increase your email subscription. People who buy from you will already have to fill out some mandatory information fields necessary for product delivery. You can add the area to the checkout process asking for the customer’s email address for future correspondence. The customer might be interested in keeping updated about the shipment and other discount offers, and you will have a new email subscriber.

Give Discounts In Return For An Email Subscription

You rely on giving incentives to your customers in return for email subscriptions. You can either provide them with a discount or even freebies in return for email. Do not think of this as a loss since you will be reducing your profit, but in the long term, you will have a more loyal customer coming back for more business.

Create A Log-In For Paid Content

When you know that the customer is getting interested in your product, you can limit the viewership of all your content to people who sign up. Whenever the potential customers reach a certain point, you can ask them to sign-up for paid content. You will get their email in the signing up process and then present them with more products and offers. The New York Times is an example here that allows you to read a few articles per month, but if you want to learn more, you will have to sign up for paid content.

Key Takeaways

Marketing is one of the techniques through which you increase your customers and consequently improve your profit. Email marketing is one of the many methods of marketing for getting in touch with your customers. You would want to make a long list of email subscribers who read your emails about new offers. To do that, you might have to improvise in dealing with your customers, so they remain hooked to your products and email content.

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