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How Companies Use WhatsApp Business Correctly And What Advantages It Brings

Communicating with customers is the be-all and end-all in everyday business for companies and the essential basis for being successful in the market. Important pillars are creating proximity to customers and building trust in the products and services offered. A necessary tool for maintaining contact and strengthening customer relationships? Messenger! The use of WhatsApp Business, in particular, is considered a good measure here. This is how companies set up the official WhatsApp business solution correctly and seize new opportunities.

This Is How Companies Benefit From Messengers

Not only for companies, but messengers also offer an uncomplicated form of communication that goes far beyond pure service and extends the entire customer journey. They also facilitate the exchange for users and are considered a relevant prerequisite for an improved experience. The results of the Business Messaging Study 2021, in particular, reveal the vast potential for companies: 85 percent of those surveyed stated that they wanted to communicate with companies via messengers such as WhatsApp. And 71 percent even make their purchase decision dependent on the communication channel – they tend to buy from companies that offer customer contact via messenger.

WhatsApp As The Messenger Of Choice

Chatting via WhatsApp has been one of the most popular forms of communication for a long time, and it is hard to imagine everyday life without it. But with WhatsApp Business, the official business solution is also available for companies. It offers the ideal opportunity to reach customers quickly and effectively where they are already on the road. And the target group itself also benefits: Whether text, image, video, or voice message – prospective buyers can flexibly contact companies with their concerns without annoying queues and spending a lot of time.

While the WhatsApp Business App is more suitable for smaller companies as a free version with limited functions, medium-sized and large companies should rely on the more professional WhatsApp Business API. With this interface – which is mainly offered via so-called WhatsApp Business Solution Providers, who also supply a software solution – companies can create an official and verified WhatsApp Business Account. They also communicate GDPR-compliant and via end-to-end encryption.

Whether customer service, advice, marketing, or conversational commerce – the WhatsApp business interface enables an extensive portfolio of functions and features. Integration is just as easy as using it. WhatsApp Business Solution Providers such as Messenger People take over the complete technical connection to the WhatsApp Business API and offer comprehensive support and features such as an included chatbot builder. Once set up, companies can use the messenger in the following ways:

Customer Care

Whether advice before the purchase or any problem solutions afterward – incoming customer inquiries can be assigned to different employees, and the ticket history gives the respective processors the necessary overview. Last but not least, companies can also receive messages from other messengers such as iMessage, Telegram, or Messenger from Facebook and manage them centrally within a mailbox. Push notification various templates are available to companies for making contact. Product recommendations, special offers, satisfaction surveys, or news can quickly be sent to a customer mailing list who has opted in beforehand.


Via chatbots, automated processes can provide quick help for typical customer questions that arise, especially at the beginning of sales or service talks, thus saving the company valuable resources. The automated transfer to personal support for further questions ensures seamless support. Three use cases impressively show how companies successfully use the service:

  • Thanks to chatbots, BMW reduced its recall rate by 60 percent and, in turn, increased the recommendation rate to 90 percent.
  • Sportswear and nutrition brand women’s Best saved 50 percent in customer service turnaround time and reduced emails by 70 percent.
  • The Wish company set up its chatbot solution in just three days and was soon able to generate direct purchases via the messenger.

Companies that want to optimize communication with their customers can use messengers like WhatsApp Business. And thus create the basis for benefiting from a positive customer experience and stronger customer loyalty in the long term.

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