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How Do I Keep Google Happy & Fulfill The Search Intention Of The User

Would you like to understand the search intent of the users better? In the first part of this series of articles, you will find helpful tips for interpreting the user search journey. In this article, you will learn what it takes to keep Google satisfied.

After the users’ different search intentions, you may be wondering how you can satisfy the users and Google? After the above knowledge, you should now know that you should meet the users first. If you do that, Google will be happy too.

To create the content primarily for the users, make them happy, and Google will be happy and satisfied too. You now know what the users expect and satisfy them by providing them with the appropriate content that helps them solve their problems.

If the content is created entirely and holistically, the users will stay longer on your website and send better user signals.

For this reason, it is so important to know and interpret the search intent of the user.

Authority and Certificates – About EAT

The new Google update EAT ( Expertise, Authority, Trust ) has caused a sensation. This has hit some specific areas that have a higher impact on the respective person’s life.

So there have been many changes in the search results. Because Google wants to deal with topics such as B. Medicine and finance only deliver qualified results. This means that people who have the appropriate training and background knowledge and expertise should receive higher rankings.

Google assumes that this will improve the quality of the content.

Do you have certificates from your industry that show that you have completed appropriate training and that you have the right expertise? Then add them to your website. Google checks these certificates and recognizes whether you have expertise in this area or not.

This probably depends on how well-known the institute that issued you the certificate is. If it is a TÜV certificate, then this is clear. But a certificate issued by an institute that is not so well known will probably not recognize this and be assessed accordingly. This is unlikely to be the case for finance and medicine. This can be different in ​​health, especially when it comes to alternative training occupations and areas.

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Why Is The Interpretation Of The Search Intention So Important?

Much has now been written about the interpretation of the search intention of customers. You might be wondering why this suddenly became so important? That has always been important. Because if you understand the user’s problem better and know how to deal with it and deal with it, they will be more satisfied.

If the user has taken added value with them, regardless of whether you have solved his or her problem or answered his or her questions, he or she will not press the “back” button.

And the more precisely you know the visitors’ search intent, the better you can build the search journey and guide them to their goal. That means they are more likely to buy from you or what you have defined as a goal.

How Do I Measure User Satisfaction?

If you have now understood everything and now want to implement it, you might still question how you can measure such effort and users’ associated satisfaction. That’s right, that’s a good question. You have different options here:

  1. First of all, you will see in the Search Console how high the bounce rate and duration of the website are. However, if you have only edited and optimized one article or just a few of many, that will not be enough for an accurate measurement.
  2. Therefore, you can track it in the Search Console per URL. There you can see how many users went to this URL and stayed there. You can view the detailed history of Analytics. If your web pages lead to another website, you have the option of showing you how many have gone to the next page.
  3. It becomes more comfortable and exciting if the visitors can and should register for a newsletter on the bottom or if they are offered the opportunity to buy. The tracking can then be set very precisely so that a corresponding conversion is counted if it is successful.

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How Do I Analyze My Competition On This?

If you want to analyze your competition on this topic, then you should look for specific keywords that you want to rank for. Then go through the first 3 – 5 search results.

By more precisely, we mean that you click on this and look at their page:

  • Why do they rank at the top?
  • What do they offer their visitors?
  • What does the text look like?
  • What does the text look like?
  • What about text length? What formats and media do they use?

This will give you a better picture of what the users are looking for and why they rank at the top and not you or other pages. This means that you can then see what the search intent of your visitors is. What to look for and what to expect.

Even if you don’t have any numbers, you will better understand the search intent for the particular keyword. And that is precisely the extra mile in this area regarding research.

How Do I Tailor My Content Accordingly?

If you want to tailor your content to your visitors’ search intent, you should give them exactly what they are looking for. That is, treat the subject carefully. It is not enough to write an article with 300 or 600 words. Yes, even 1000 comments can be too few. Of course, you can’t give every product in a shop 1000 comments, but the categories can. And specific topics require even more info or much more in-depth treatment of the case. So go deeper into the case and treat it in depth. Furthermore:

  • Offer images, graphics, and videos where it makes sense.
  • Use statistics, link to other relevant websites, and offer your visitors a real experience on the website and the respective URL.

You will pursue a specific goal with the respective content, and you will achieve this if you make it as easy as possible for them.

Conclusion: Good User Guidance = Good User Signals

If you know the user intention – and the Google search results already tell you that – you will be able to pick up the users better. The search engine will also welcome it very much. Furthermore, you address the users better and more specifically so that they are more willing to click on your search result.

Useful and targeted user guidance in the search journey and user experience will ensure the right user signals and allow you to continue to rise in the ranking.

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