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How To Create A YouTube Channel For Kids

YouTube Kids is a secondary YouTube application intended exclusively for an audience of minors: let’s find out how to create a channel for children.

YouTube is Google’s platform for sharing and viewing multimedia content online, especially videos. Launched in February 2015, it has evolved, updating and adding features that have made it more and more similar to a social network.

With a vast and diverse audience, YouTube has always looked for new ways to meet everyone’s needs and offer more relevant, enjoyable, and captivating content. A series of related services and functionalities have been launched to respond to emerging interests and avoid succumbing to increasingly fierce competition.

YouTube Music was born, a music video streaming service; YouTube Premium, a subscription service for viewing exclusive content without having to be interrupted by advertisements, YouTube Tv, which broadcasts some television channels; and YouTube Originals, which offers TV series produced by the creators of the Channel. YouTube Stories and YouTube Short incorporate functions of other famous social networks such as Instagram and TikTok.

Among the vast audience of YouTube, a large portion comprises children and minors. A specified service has been created for them to approach the digital world in total safety and under the vigilant control of their parents. This is YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids: What It Is And How It Works

YouTube Kids is a secondary YouTube application launched on the web in 2015 and can be downloaded on iOS or Android-equipped devices. The platform can be used from a desktop by accessing the official website with your credentials.

It is a solution specifically designed for all users under the age of 12 to view content and interact with other very young people in a controlled, suitable, and safe virtual space.

Parents and guardians can, at any time, keep children under control and monitor the content they view, limit their activities, or the time they spend on the platform. The YouTube Kids team carefully checks the videos posted, who are careful not to present anything uneducational or harmful. Several automatic filters are employed, and there are reviews by individuals.

To increase safety, YouTube Kids asks for continuous feedback from the parents of children who use the platform.

There are many different topics covered on YouTube Kids that children may be interested in. There are channels dedicated to art and decoration, games and toys, learning and hobbies, programs, films and cartoons, music and dance, video games, and so much more.

On YouTube Kids, you can also find content produced by YouTubers who have decided to dedicate their activity to the little ones. They make videos that are not violent or harmful and do not contain profanity or harmful messages. Before opening a channel intended for children, it is necessary to internalize all the rules imposed by the platform.

YouTube Kids, How To Open A Channel

Creating a YouTube channel for a minor audience is simple and requires a few steps. Before starting to publish content, it is good to study the platform’s rules well and carefully choose the messages you want to send to the little ones.

To create a YouTube channel, you must have a Google account to access the platform. Click on the profile icon present at the top right. After logging into YouTube, you can start the creation process.

In the menu that opens, select the Create a Channel item. By pressing the Upload Image button, inserting a photograph or logo identifying the Channel will be possible. It must be a good quality and eye-catching image.

Enter the name chosen for your project in the appropriate area and click on Create channel. In the screen that opens, select the Customize Channel item. This will open the YouTube Studio page, where you can manage settings and customize the font.

YouTube Kids, How To Target The Channel For Children

Click on Settings in the menu present on the left side of the screen. Press on Channel and access Advanced Settings. In this area, it will be possible to indicate the characteristics of your target audience.

To create a children’s Channel, answer the platform question “Do you want to set your channel as made for children?” by selecting the item Yes, set this Channel as intended for children. I always upload content designed for children.

To conclude the procedure, click on Save. Now that the settings have been stored, the content uploaded to the Channel will undergo a more thorough scrutiny, both by automatic filtering systems and by natural persons, to be sure that what has been shared is suitable for younger users.

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