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The Best Shop Systems In Comparison

Due to the countless shop systems on the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for shop operators to find the right design for their online shop. In the following, selected open source systems are compared, and the most significant differences are recorded.

Open Source Systems

First of all, which shop systems are to be compared should be recorded in the following. These are the online shops from Magento, Shopware, and JTL Shop. But what exactly is an open-source system? An open-source system is a free software that a shop operator can download and use quickly and easily. However, software operators can also unlock additional functions by paying a certain amount, such as selected plugins or add-ons.

Magento – The Most Used Shop System

Magento has been part of the software company Adobe since 2018. The company wants to implement its very own vision of Magento. As powerful software, the shop system offers a wide range of customization options, many add-ons, and the integration of different payment systems. Overall, the selection of plugins is enormous and is, therefore, a huge plus point. A disadvantage, however, is the confusing backend. It makes it difficult for many users to take full advantage of the many functions.

Another downside is the lack of support from the manufacturer. Because this requires a paid enterprise version for the time being. Overall, the shop system is demanding for beginners and is therefore not the first choice.

Shopware – A Shop System For The German-Speaking Market

Another shop system that has also grown with its community in recent years and integrated many new functions is Shopware.

In contrast to Magento, Shopware is easy to use, has a straightforward backend, and offers many instructions that further simplify operation. It must also be mentioned that the Shopware backend is available in German. A disadvantage is that, as with Magento, support is only available with the paid version. In addition, most functions can only be used after purchase. Shopware is, therefore, more likely to be used by beginners.

A Natural Alternative For All Shop Owners

The JTL shop made a name for itself in 2008 with its merchandise management system and thus established itself as a competitive shop system. This is a crucial point for the JTL service partner. Because if you opt for the shop system, you get an integrated merchandise management system free of charge. The backend is quite simple for beginners.

This shop system is also German and has many expansion options and themes. However, if you exceed 500 articles, a paid version of the JTL program is required. Furthermore, no telephone or live support is available to the user. This can lead to longer response times.

Conclusion Of Open Source Systems

The three selected shop systems are individual, each with advantages and disadvantages. The system a shop operator decides is entirely up to him. Many are now distancing themselves from the shop giant Magento because of the switch to Magento 2. Incidentally, it is questionable what corporate goals Adobe has for Magento and whether it will change hands after all.

Shopware, on the other hand, represents a natural alternative due to its many functions. Every shop operator invests in a future-proof shop system by choosing Shopware. Above all, the new JTL software with its additional JTL modules is impressive. A real plus for users of the software is the JTL-Wawisystem. Because of this interaction, small to medium-sized companies choose this exciting shop solution.

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