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5 E-commerce Tools To Increase Website Traffic And Revenue

Recently, the online shopping and e-commerce industries are in vogue. Everyone wants to fall in love with new courses coming out all the time: drop shipping, print on demand, and how to start your shopping site.

Consider the fact that solutions like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce all make the process of going live in your store easier. Competition appears to be heating up overall.

With so many individuals, sellers, and businesses jumping into the online sales and product space, competition ultimately ramps up paid traffic, organic search rankings, and simply entice users to buy. on your website.

So what should an e-commerce site owner do? It’s that simple. Take advantage of a variety of tools and solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition.

To help you with this process, today we will highlight five great tools that can give any e-commerce site a chance to gain an edge over the competition while increasing traffic and sales.

1. Ubersuggest SEO And Keyword Analysis

Any website, blog, or e-commerce site needs keyword research and SEO tools that you can rely on to keep tabs on your competition and manage your existing keywords. This is exactly what you can achieve with Ubersuggest.

Free SEO analysis tools allow anyone to browse your site and retrieve some data reports at no cost against your daily limit. This is perfect for new e-commerce sites that don’t have a big budget to work on, but are looking for reliable SEO and keyword research tools to get you started.

Another benefit of using Ubersuggest as a website and competitive analysis tool is that you can run site audits to improve weak or problematic areas of your site. Google tries to rank your site, but this does not happen if there are errors or incorrect content and link structure.

Ubersuggest is also useful for the various domain and competitor analysis tools it offers. You just need to link to a competitor’s site URL, and you can instantly see all the keywords ranked by the site and the site’s difficulty rating to improve your ranking.

2. Automated Content Creation And Personalised Conversation

2020 will be the year that offline stores come online. And with the explosion of e-commerce, personalisation and on-site engagement are very important.

The more valuable the content is to your audience, the more likely it is to stay and take action. Besides, the more personalised and relevant the experience, the more likely it is to lead to a purchase.

What’s better than a personalised experience is that you don’t have to create it for every visitor manually. This is where e-commerce optimisation solutions like Dialogue come in.

Dialogue helps you present the right message or item at the right time.

Through the use of AI, e-commerce sites can deliver a better real-time experience. To do this, Dialogue recognises, analyses, understands and predicts user patterns to provide the most relevant messages possible on the purchase journey.

Better yet, this is done entirely automatically. Dialogue’s features include sales-focused messaging, persuasive and targeted content, personalised upsells, product recommendations, and user intent identification.

Dialogue uses big data, content creation and machine learning to deliver the best possible user experience while continuing to learn more about your audience and their habits. Stores see conversion optimisation improve within days.

3. Instagram Hashtag Keyword Tool

When you operate online stores and e-commerce sites, search traffic isn’t the only game. There are other billions of users waiting to see what they have to offer through major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

But since backlinks and SEO basics can only be achieved so far, social media is a complete beast in itself. On Instagram, for example, having the right visual content and using relevant hashtags and calls to action in your posts is paramount. A useful tool for creating new exciting hashtags is hashtag autocomplete. It’s free to use and features popular keyword research across multiple social platforms.

You just need to visit the site and enter relevant keywords to reach your target audience. For example, if you have a toy store, just type in “Toy”, and you’ll see a new hashtag recommendation below. You’ll end up with a whole new set of hashtag keywords that you’ve never tried before.

When trying to rank your content on Instagram, it’s usually best to find unique keywords and long phrases that are less competitive but more targeted. Tools like this can help you find these hashtags.

Remember too… With Instagram, visuals and the use of hashtags to reach new audiences are essential. You need to make sure that all of your content and visuals are obvious and engaging. Otherwise, you won’t get likes.

4. Hootsuite Social Media Booking Tool

Every site and the brand owner knows the value of social media marketing. Still, not everyone knows how to approach the massive effort of creating thumbnails, booking content, and managing everything across multiple platforms.

In these cases, taking advantage of the features offered by a social media booking tool like Hootsuite is a huge advantage. This solution is great because it enables mass scheduling on various social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Instead of using social media scheduling tools to post new content to every social platform every day manually, site owners can save hundreds of hours every month.

It’s easy to book content across multiple social platforms using automatic booking and posting calendars. This type of content reservation is essential for site owners and brands of all sizes because not everyone uses the same social platform and guarantees that the best content will not be outdated.

Other benefits associated with Hootsuite include the ability to use custom branded URLs, content curation features, and the ability to monitor data to ensure social campaigns are always running.

5. Crazy Egg Heat Map Tracking

Have you ever wondered why some visitors come to your site and leave immediately or don’t complete the checkout process? This is on the minds of all site owners, but especially in e-commerce with or without sales.

Crazy Egg is a powerful tool for keeping tabs on your visitors when they are on your site. This solution can document and display heat maps for mouse cursor movements and locations where activity occurs the most. This type of tracking allows site owners and brands to determine where, why, and how users read and interact with content on their site.

When site owners start to see patterns showing where and how users are making different decisions about their site or store, they can improve those areas, increase conversion rates, increase sales, and increase engagement rates. For example, if you see a lot of click activity in a non-clickable area of ​​your site, you’ll want to change that immediately.

As mentioned on the Crazy Egg site, the benefits of heat maps and user data can be divided into the following areas:

  • Access to click data of website visitors
  • Understand why people are leaving your site
  • Discover data-driven transformation opportunities

With over 300,000 active Crazy Egg users, this method is one of the most beneficial ways for site owners to go beyond their traditional methods to improve their site’s content and engagement.

Improve E-commerce Traffic And SEO With This Recommended Tool

As you can see, there are more ways than ever to optimize the performance of your e-commerce site. It is not enough to increase your site with more traffic. You also need to know how to provide your audience with a better experience while learning how to implement better tracking.

Each of the solutions recommended above will help you in your optimisation and monetisation process for regular and e-commerce sites.

Most of the solutions above are free or offer free trials, so give them a try and see how you can improve the success of your e-commerce site and business today.

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