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How To Create An Effective Landing Page

Convert. Convert. Convert. For anyone who sells products or services and advertises online, securing the most conversions is critical. To push users who land on the site to take necessary (and measurable) actions for the activity, it is essential to know how to create a landing page effectively. Starting from the basics is always a good rule, so let’s first find out what a landing page is and why it is so important.

What Is A Landing Page, And What Is It For

A landing page, in English called a “landing page,” is a page of a website built with the specific purpose of converting visitors to that same page into leads, that is, people potentially interested in purchasing the product or service offered. This translates into a concrete action that users must perform, which depends on the company’s specific objectives: it is possible, for example, to push a user to download information material, request a quote, leave a contact address, or go directly proceed with the purchase.

According to the level of importance of the action performed, a distinction is made between micro-conversion (for example, the download of a file) and macro-conversion (the actual sale). For this process to be effective, the action requested by the user must be measurable: it is essential to understand how many significant steps have been generated after correctly channeling visitor traffic on the landing page (through a direct link or advertising ). Since, as mentioned, the landing page has a specific purpose, it must be built in a particular way to achieve it. Let’s see how.

How A Landing Page Is Made

Let’s start with a fundamental indication: within the landing page, there must be everything that is needed (textual and visual elements) to encourage the user to perform the critical action for the activity. And nothing more. There is no room for more information because no distractions are allowed for those visiting the landing page. An essential element of a landing page (after, obviously, the call to action) is the headline: the most relevant aspects must be concentrated at the top because it is essential to immediately capture the user’s attention, making leverages on the need or desire that the product or service can satisfy.

Not surprisingly, the title must be constructed in such a way as to respond to a specific need. Not only that: it must be short and direct. Brevity indeed represents a limit, but the subtitle comes to the rescue. Here, it is possible to enrich the message of the title with more details, explaining in detail the specific advantages that can be enjoyed by performing the requested action. Furthermore, if necessary, it is possible to provide some paragraphs to deepen, point by point, the valuable aspects to clarify any doubts of the user before he proceeds to the fateful click. The use of testimonials, that is, of people (accurate and traceable) who have already tried the product or service and have commented on its quality, is another excellent expedient to dispel any doubts from the potential customer. The testimonials must present themselves with a name, a surname, and a face: stock photos are absolute to be avoided.

Images play a fundamental role in the success of a landing page. Or rather: multiple roles. Within a landing page, the photos can depict the testimonials or the professional / expert who will provide the service. They can show the product (possibly during use) or refer to the advantage that the user can obtain. For the landing page to be truly successful, it is also necessary to take care of its graphics, carefully selecting the colors (especially the button dedicated to the call to action). Certain emotions are associated with colors. Not only that: different colors can capture the attention of other consumers. For example, the color orange helps attract the attention of an impulsive consumer, while dark blue attracts wealthier consumers.

How To Build A Compelling Call To Action

The call to action deserves a separate discussion because it is what makes the difference between an effective landing page and one that is not: it must be short and straightforward, and it must be focused on the wishes of the user and the benefits that can be obtained. To “invite” the user to perform the requested action, it is helpful to use an imperative verb and exploit persuasive levers such as savings and scarcity. At this point, one last piece of advice is missing. As mentioned, the actions requested by the user with the call to action must be measurable. The theoretical background in creating an effective landing page is undoubtedly necessary. Still, general indications do not always translate into success: it is essential to try again, making A / B tests and showing users different versions of landing pages before finally finding the winning one.

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