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How To Make The Most Of Instagram Reels For Your Marketing Strategy

This social network is already part of the digital marketing strategies of many brands and represents the perfect space to attract potential customers and promote services or products.

Ten years after its creation, it already has a billion active accounts. Instagram has announced this new feature, with which it intends to compete with Tik Tok.

Thanks to this new format, users will have the same features like the Chinese platform and will be able to create short videos with audio tracks to share with their community. The Reels are a supplement available to all users of Instagram. This is not a standalone application like Tik Tok but a new feature similar to Stories. Thanks to it, it is possible :

  • Create short videos lasting 15 or 30 seconds.
  • Add predefined creative effects and filters.
  • Use music created by you or already existing.
  • Publish your clip in the Feed section or the Stories section. In turn, you can send it to another user as a direct message.
  • The most popular videos are shown in the Top Reels section.

Both platforms allow you to interact with the audio, change the speed of the video, insert visual effects, and set a timer for the duration of the clip. The main difference between Tik Tok reels and videos is the duration: on Instagram, the option is limited to 15 or 30 seconds, while on Tik Tok, it can be up to 60 seconds.

How To Create Instagram Reels

While this is a new feature that Instagram is rolling out, its operation is easy and intuitive.

If you want to create a reel, the first thing to do is open the Instagram application, click on the icon in the center of the bottom bar and open the camera at the top right.

Let’s explore all the creative tools it has to offer. You will find them displayed on the left side of the screen. Here’s how to use the panel:

  1. Audio And Music: This allows you to add an audio track to videos. You can choose from all the songs available on Reels or an extract of the song, which will last 15 seconds.
  2. Speed: is the option with which you can speed up or slow down the clip or audio, both for the entire song and for a specific excerpt.
  3. Effects And Filters: There are several filters designed by the company and others created directly by users. They can be both classic and augmented reality filters.
  4. Timer: With this option, you set a limit on the duration of the video. You can even start a countdown so that you can record hands-free.
  5. Alignment: You can align all clips so that the transition between them is much smoother.

Finally, you need to record your videos based on the creative options you have chosen, observe what the result was, and share it with your entire community. If your account is public, the reel will be shared in the “Explore” section. Anyone can locate it depending on the hashtags you entered, the effects used, or the songs. Conversely, if your profile setup is private, it will only be shared with your followers. It is not always necessary to share the reel once the recording is finished. You can also leave the recording halfway and finish it again. The draft option is available by clicking on the “Save as draft” button instead of selecting the share.

Tricks To Use With The Reels

Now that it is clear to you how to create your own Instagram reels, it is time to become a pro in this new option that the application offers you. Here are some tricks to follow:

Look For Inspiration Among Other Users

To become a good creator of reels, you must continuously be updated on the daily trends and challenges that other creators put into practice on Instagram or directly on Tik Tok. Over time, you will be the one to create the most viral reel.

Use Filters

The effects and the gallery of filters available to the reels are widely extended and constantly updated. Try the “Chromatic Delay” or “Motion Blur,” and if you are looking for a more fun effect, use “Infinite Zoom” (here, the image you are using will be reflected infinitely). Another option is to explore all the augmented reality effects, which will add some intelligent objects to the image you are presenting in real-time.

Change The Speed

Slowing down the timing of the video for a few seconds can help you get a lot more attention in your best dance moves. Instead of speeding up the clip’s tempo, it can work to add a touch of humor. The reels can be speeded up and slowed down as often as you like.

Use The Alignment Tool

It cannot be easy to make smooth transitions in your videos. This is a common problem when you want to merge several clips. To do this, Instagram Reels provides the “ghost” tool, which allows you to align the videos. With this, you can create a semi transparent layer that has the position of all the objects you want to merge. This way, you can keep them in the same position and make a new video recording. This will allow you to avoid any jump in the transition when all clips are edited in the same reel.

With The Use Of HashTags, The Impact Will Be Greater

Finally, if you want your videos to be more popular, your profile must remain public. You can also use tricks to make your reel appear in the “Explore” tab. As with Stories or photos in the Feed, the use of hashtags will be essential. You can use descriptive tags without forgetting to use trending or that represent challenges, as long as your clip is part of it.

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