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Our Tips For Creating A Powerful PowerPoint Infographic

PowerPoint infographic is a visual format that allows more complex data to be communicated in a simplified way. It allows you to enhance your message in diagrams, numbers, images and text to convey the information quickly to your audience.

Infographics can be a great way to engage and capture attention. It also makes it possible to revalue an activity, your financial results, or your products’ data.

Here are our expert PowerPoint tips for producing and sharing an impactful PowerPoint infographic.

What to think about when creating a PowerPoint infographic

For what content

Using infographics in a PowerPoint presentation is usually very effective in generating interest from your audience. It transmits a large amount of information at a glance, making it possible to understand it in a few seconds. It’s a more straightforward way to explain concepts, illustrate data or get a message across. A simple image can sometimes convey more information than a long speech.

Adding infographics to a PowerPoint presentation enriches your speech by staging your words, your figures. It’s a way to engage your audience with summarized information without compromising its quality.

Infographics are used to highlight:

  • Timeline: history of a project or a company
  • Figures: key figures in the life of the company (financial, commercial, etc.)
  • Diagram: project process, different stages of product launch
  • Objective: for your team meetings, during a presentation to investors
  • Corporate data: HR information, on your values, your mission
  • Price table: to compare prices, explain different packages.

Choice of model

Now that you know what relevant content you want to highlight, you will need to choose the infographic template. You have to choose a model that suits you, representing the data you want to present. The most important thing is choosing a PowerPoint infographic that works specifically for the type of data or content you want to share with your audience.

Depending on the destination of your infographic, you may very well be utterly free from the traditional 16: 9 format of PowerPoint:

  • For a Linkedin post: I prefer a more square format. You will increase your reading surface!
  • For an Insta story: opt without hesitation on a vertical format.
  • For your website: play the infinite scroll and opt for a very elongated format vertically or even horizontally, for a timeline, for example

In any case, remember that the format of your infographic is also used to offer a better reading experience to your target, and like in PowerPoint, you have the hand you might as well take advantage of it!

Customization of infographics

This is an essential step because you will add your personal touch, but it is also the longest. For this, we must think of:

  • Add content to an infographic (data, numbers)
  • Find a hard-hitting title, a catchphrase
  • Adjust your sizes and the font style while respecting your graphic charter
  • Adjust the formatting, the graphic creation by your Artistic Direction
  • Cite your sources
  • Add your company logo

Facilitate sharing

These days, content sharing is ubiquitous. To develop its activity, it has become essential to communicate about its projects and share as much information as possible with its network. An infographic is easily shareable because it allows you to diversify your content and make your data sometimes complex, more straightforward and more attractive.

However, for an infographic to be optimized for sharing, specific rules must be respected. Remember to put buttons for sharing to different social networks. You can also add a “Pin-It” button allowing your users to share your infographic on Pinterest. Ask your developer to add embed HTML code so that your readers can easily share the infographic on their sites and blogs.

How to generate the wow effect on your infographics

Computer graphics are an ideal visual medium for varying your content and making complex data more attractive. It’s also a great way to increase your engagement rate. Provided, of course, that it is beautiful, colourful and playful. This is essential to energize your presentation and hold the attention of your audience.

An infographic has several advantages:

  • Memorization: the brain is programmed to scan content as images more efficiently than text
  • Seduction: the Internet user is fond of original and very graphic content
  • Commitment: highlight key data, demonstrate your expertise in a more original and personalized way
  • Virality: If it’s easy to read, engaging, and impactful, your community will share it.
  • Lifecycle: giving new life to old content and capturing a new audience

Tips from a PowerPoint agency

We have shown you the value of a quality PowerPoint infographic. For ordinary people, it is not as easy as it seems. And above all, it can take a lot of time not to be devoted to your core activity.

At the slide box, we support our clients throughout the process of creating a PowerPoint presentation. From writing to graphic design, we create personalized infographics according to their needs and expectations. All our infographics are tailor-made for brands, with their DNA and their graphic charter.

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